Destination Anguilla!

Angulia 3

The next island I want to tell you about is a extremely small but beautiful island, I had personally never heard of it. But because the extremely unfortunate Hurricane Matthew that hit this island fell into our laps. We sailed in St. Maarten and took a boat over now for all my motion sickness people it is a bumpy ride because you are crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean side. But once you land on this island you will be in heaven tall palm trees all over and the crystal clear water with sun making it glimmer. Now I will tell you there are quite a few goats that live on the island, why I really don’t know but personally I think they are precious.

Angulia 2 Our adventure of the day was swimming in that gorgeous water, with some of Gods amazing creatures dolphins. Now I know what you are thinking if you read my Bahamas post I swam with their too, I’m sorry but they are my favorite sea creature haha but truthfully I was deep sea fishing one time and they came by I literally almost jumped in but that’s not the right thing to do (no matter how much I wanted too) but ok back to what we are talking about here! Yall not even joking the water is so clear that I so many colorful fish while just getting in the water. But if you are clumsy like myself the railings and walk-way is extremely slick so as you can imagine me vs the slick walk-way plus the waves I was all over the place. Quite entertaining really, so I just decided to swim the rest of the way which helped ALOT! Angulia 1

The adventure included a ride from the dolphin hanging on to their fins SO MUCH FUN! Lots of hugs and kisses and you even get to dance with them, they are truly so cute clearly I was overly excited. But see what I mean about that water, now your probably why in the world she babbling on about the water. Well I will tell you why because every SINGLE time I go or me and my friends go family whoever we get asked first question is the water really that clear? Like in the pictures you know? Yes I do know and usually it is but I have been places it has not been (those will be talked about in later posts) anyway you actually get to learn quite a lot about the dolphins. This adventure is worth every second.

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Have fun loving on the dolphins and petting the goats on Anguilla!

Destination Bahamas, Disney Dream!

bahamas 4

So are you a cruiser? Have you ever been a cruise? Remember how I said we were a Disney family we are also a cruising family, a lot of destinations I visit I arrive via cruise. Cruise’s are a great way of travel you see more places and they have all you can eat food, and the days you are not at port you can relax by the pool, or head to the spa, really any thing you want to do! My niece Sky this was her first cruise now she can’t get enough of them. So if you are thinking cruising with your little ones Disney Cruise line maybe the way to travel. Our destination on this cruise was the Bahamas Nassau Island and Disney’s Cast Away Cay!

bahamas 6Stop number one! We visited Atlantis Resort, it is truly amazing we stayed here quite often when I was child. But soon I realized their was more out there to see then just the clear blue water and palm tree’s not get me wrong if I’m going to pick a view it probably will be some where with palm trees. You feel me? Atlantis is amazing, with the giant water park in the middle of the resort and the dolphin cay by the beach. Now I’m a huge dolphin person I have swam with them multiple times. But this time was extra special you see Sky had never met a dolphin before so we did what they call a encounter. You are in about four feet of water and the dolphin will swim right up you can pet, kiss, hug, and it will do lots of tricks! Very exciting now if you are older and more advanced in swimming then I will recommend what I usually do which is the dolphin swim you get swim with them and they will give you a ride!

bahamas 1The next island adventure we got to embark on was called Cast A Way Cay, as you can tell we loved the Ocean! They have a huge water jungle gym that everyone can swim out to and play or just hang out so that’s where most of our day was spent. A day well spent in our opinion! They also had tons of lounge chairs for everyone to relax, and the warm sandy beaches to play and build sandcastles on. This island literally has something for everyone, and for all you marathon runners they have island runs which I’m not a runner but I would totally do that!

bahamas 3

I haven’t told you the best part this wonderful family became some very close friends during our cruise vacation! They we’re our next door neighbors and ended up becoming and still are some very close friends of ours. That’s another great thing about traveling all the great people you can meet and become friends with! It pays off having friends all over trust me I know! Of course my family says I would talk to a wall if I could which yea, that is pretty much me.

bahamas 5

Now as I have told you before and probably will again, we are a Disney and cruising family. So since we are on a Disney Cruise of course we had to hang with our friends, we got to see Olaf on the beach and sweet Stitch was directing people on and off the cruise. Another cool things was Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Daisy do a welcome aboard show and a good bye show. They also have a great meet and greet with all the characters and the restaurants have the coolest themes.  Disney cruises are a great family vacation

Bahamas 2

Last but certainly not least the last night you get to go this awesome party, it’s like Magic Kingdom fireworks, giant pool party, and pirate themed everything all in one. So you better not miss it, all the characters put on there pirate uniforms they put on a show. It’s a blast! So grab your pirate gear and get to that party!

Thanks for traveling to this party of the map with me. Enjoy sailing the Caribbean like a pirate.





Disney World Orlando, Florida!

Disney 5

Disney World I love you endlessly it was my niece’s first major trip. This is called Art of Animation resort that’s where we stayed. Disney has four parks so I will totally give information on each one. We try and stay in different places each time we go. Different experiences and adventures, we are a Disney loving family!

Disney 4

First park the most famous park The Magic Kingdom! My absolute favorite park out of the four. Everything from the castle and rides, to all the amazing magic that actually does exist it truly brings out your inner child. Have you been? You NEED to go! Incredible amazing memories come out of here. On this day we actually ate in the castle (book early) it is hard to get in. Sky (niece) was in love with all the princesses they had about five or six while we were eating. Highly recommend it every us older girls had a blast! Now on to the rides, I know you have been waiting for those right? Some of the favorites are (this is our opinions) Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, Little Mermaid, and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. But if you love something more then these PLEASE please leave it in the comments I would love to hear about new ideas! Now all that may be super exciting or over whelming but did I mention the fireworks shows and the parades! That is a definite must of viewing!!

Disney 1

Next we have the wonder around the world Epcot! Explore all the countries and their cultures while having a great time and did I mention all sorts of food from all over if nothing else go for the food and wine! Ha! Ok clearly I’m getting off subject, our day in Epcot began with a Norway brunch with several princess visits Sky was in love! What made this day extra special was her favorite princess Arial took her to be in the parade with her! Next we explored China and hung with Mulan for a bit and ended our day in London because we had to see our girl Alice in Wonderland!

Disney 3

Hollywood Studios is our next park we’re talking about, so clearly as you can see in the photo located behind me Hollywood Studios is home to all the Star Wars you can handle. So if you love Star Wars this park is for you, now before we go further I will be returning to Disney in November to explore Hollywood Studio’s new Toy Story Land. Also Pandora in Animal Kingdom but we will get to that later. Now if you are a extreme dare devil you will LOVE Tower of Terror, Rocking Roller Coaster is also great too!

Disney 2

Last and most certainly not least is Animal Kingdom and of course we had to see a few of our favorite friends! Animal Kingdom is divided into parts Africa and Asia, both sides have great rides some of absolute favorites are Africa’s Safari (Excellent) and Asia Kali River Rapids great way to cool you off on a hot Florida day. They also have a whole section with nothing but little ones rides called DinoLand, little roller coasters,  actually bone dig, and a few characters may be hanging around you never know! The best part of all is the Tree of Life all the animals craved in it are just amazing it shows you just how cool the circle of life truly is.

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me! I hope you time at Disney is truly magical!

Destination Black Pool, England!

Have you been to Black Pool? You need to, have you heard of Vegas? Well England’s Version is Black Pool it’s so much fun! From the casino’s and horse drawn carriages, this place has so much jammed packed into it a full day of fun! So are you looking for a fun day please try here!

Black pool 3

Once you see there version of the Eiffel Tower you know you are here! Our day started out as any other, pure excitement to get there not knowing what adventures were ahead and then we got there and my eyes filled with excitement. This place is so super cool first we walked around in ahh just taking it all in. They have got tons of casino’s, which I don’t know about yall but I love to dabble in the slots from time to time.

Black pool 2

Another great thing about this place they had so many horse drawn carriages, all different themes so cute. I’m a huge push over for most animals especially horses and dogs I love dogs. You feel like you literally in a another world secluded from all your problems or issues and are just there to have a good time. All the cute shops along the way are so fun to stop to look in!

Black pool 1

But our absolute favorite part was the old fashion pictures they are so much fun yea kind of corny but they are great memories to share. Definitely made the day’s adventure have a wonderful ending.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Hope you hit the jack pot in Black Pool!

Destination Kirkcudbright- Borgue, Scotland!

The beautiful Scotland. Nothing I saw in this country wasn’t not beautiful it was so amazing I can’t imagine waking up everyday and seeing this country. I was lucky enough to stay in one of my best friends Scotland cottage it was so very lovely. Plus it was located in the cutest town, I would go back tomorrow and I typically don’t say that about places I have already been.

Scotland 1

I mean come on now! Just wondrous in every way. I eventually intend to many more places in Scotland but for now I just have these memories. Now lets get one thing officially straight it is very cold NO MATTER WHAT TIME OF YEAR! Take warm clothing lol as you will see in a later photo I took a rain coat which was not smart because I literally about froze. Also there’s not a whole lot of sunshine but it is worth every second, so upon arriving we walked down to the shore. It was like no beach I have been to before, water was a darker blue and there rocks on shore instead of shells but it was its own kind of beautiful. Scotland 2

Clearly you can tell who was prepared and who wasn’t..haha but back to business, see what I mean about the beach. Isn’t it just beautiful!! That night we sat around and relaxed and drank hot chocolate while the cold whirled outside, I felt a sense of home but home away from home. The next day we woke up and began exploring the town it was a small town but if you have red about me I’m from a small town so this was just fine by me. They had a few small restaurants, and coffee shops but the best we’re the shops  with homemade things which to me are some of the best things in life. I was able to get my Nana this wonderful homemade purse and wallet. She loved it!

Scotland 5

Sadly after we got done in town we headed back to the cottage and I had to come home home I was so very sad. But I considered myself so lucky that I got to see these all these great scenes on the way back. I felt a sense of a new sense of exploration, I had not been to a country that looks like that. It was a different type of beauty that pictures and words don’t describe its like your favorite food sitting there waiting for you to feast but for your eyes instead. Scotland 3

This is the last photo I took before we left Scotland, I know what your thinking another scenery picture but when you get their you see exactly what I saw and felt. So get out their and explore Scotland for the true beauty that lies there waiting to be explored.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Get out bed go see Scotland no regrets will ever come.

Destination London, England!

London 3

London! London! London! I love London! Calling all Potter geeks it’s amazing! Ok again getting ahead of myself, when we landed we hit the ground running. We visited so many great places and one of my best friends was the best to show me all over. We started with Buckingham palace, again I envy the Queen her palace is amazing! The London Eye thank you Coke! Fun fact it was only suppose to be there for the new millennium and was so popular they kept it. We also visit Kings Cross Station, and the Tower bridge!

London 6So these are just the gates but this can at least give you some what of a idea of how magnificent palace. Try and watch the guards change it is very exciting, because despite what the movies tell you, you can’t even get close to the guards if certainly don’t mess with them! But hey you have to admit its pretty cool that you can stand at the gates. Or at least I think it is, any way the palace is a must see to add to your list of places to see.

London 4

Next we headed to the amazing London Eye. The views are spectacular from every angle, and for you Potter nerds you can see several movie scenes. We bought our tickets that day and the line wasn’t that long but I would suggest buying them in advance because lines are unpredictable. For all ages it is so much fun! London 5

After that we toured all over town, seeing the Prime Minster’s home and Lancaster square. As you saw earlier M&M world one of fun stops, but we also ate at one of our favorites places TGI Fridays. Being a tourist and sight seeing is a must add on your list, as you can Big Ben one was great photo op. The Prime Minster’s home was so cool to stand next to like I was someone important haha I wish. But lets get real here, Lancaster Square where they debate all the Harry Potter Films. We were in heaven!

London 2

The next day we went to Tower Bridge. It was incredible, and walk on it and over look the channel is it very peaceful! Very cool to walk on we sadly didn’t have time to walk the full length, but you need to at least walk a couple feet down it. Come on now its a adventure waiting to happen! London has this great essence about it that just makes you feel at home, no matter how far you are from home. They are all kind and very helpful even you are clearly, clearly lost they will help if you reach out and ask. Another place you may want to add to your list but we sadly didn’t have time to see but Wes Minster Abby next time in London that will be one of my first stops.

London 1

Our final stop before we caught our train to Scotland was Kings Cross Station. Yes where Platform 9 3/4 is, yes you can go through it pick you house we were Gryffindor’s! My heart was so full I’m sorry I’m a literal Potter geek at heart. So for all you Gryffindor’s, Huffle Puffs, Raven Claws or Slytherin’s make this a stop. So as you can imagine another check on my bucket list, this is one of my most treasured memories.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Have a blast running through walls and touring London.

Destination Paris, France!

Is Paris on your list of places? I know it was on my mine another great bucket list trip checked of my list. Paris is big but so many things are inside to explore, and if nothing else go see the Eiffel Tower! It is so big and beautiful but my suggestion if possible go at night it’s like a totally different sight when it’s all lite up. We did so many great things while in Paris, explored Luxemburg and climbed the Eiffel Tower! Keep reading it will be a fun adventure!

Paris 1Literally stepped out of my cab and this picture was the sight! But we are getting way ahead of myself my adventure in Paris started the night before. So we shared a taxi with some lovely people we met traveling from Kenya, and they were so kind to cover our entire taxi fare! Can’t wait to share again another taxi so I can return the favor! So we get to our hotel and they have a roof top café where we view the Eiffel Tower while we munched on our snacks. Watching in ahh of the glow and after ten p.m. I believe I can’t remember what time to be exact, every hour they will turn the lights and it will sparkle through the night amazing to witness!

Paris 5

The next morning we woke bright and early to begin exploring Paris our day was filled so many exciting things to see and do! Our first stop was Luxembourg Gardens, STUNNING and I mean stunning this picture does no justice. Great for a early morning stroll or any time of the day really. Next we headed over to Notre-Dame! Oh my goodness it was a sight to see, it was so incredible I even met some wonderful people from Georgia I would recognize a fellow southern accent anywhere. Then we ventured over to the famous Champs-Elysees it is well worth the walk, especially if you are a big shopper! So many designers on one street its awesome to say the least. But if you are like me and are a impulse buyer at the first souvenir shop you see, they jam pack you in some of those places like sardines in a can. So personal advice get what you need and get out! Hahaha the next stop is probably the most talked about in Paris, the Eiffel Tower.

Paris 3

We came, we climbed, we conquered. Ok so lets get a little more detail in that last sentence so we took a cab to Eiffel Tower and got our tickets to go up to the top. Now you have two choices to get to the top you can take the stairs which if you can do that I completely commend you I would be out of breathe by the like the third or forth stair case. Or you can do like us and most others lol and take the sideways elevators. Which as scary that might actually sound it was like super cool. So the picture above was taken from the second level, which had stores, and a restaurant if that gives you any idea of how big it is. But the first level is one of the cooler stops glass floors! Yea you heard me!

Paris 2

See the people below? Did you think I was kidding? Yea my mom about had a heart attack thinking at any moment could possible plummet but I assure you it can handle ALOT! The climb is worth it! Now that we have talked about all the fun things I would suggest if you are able to purchase your tickets in advance but if not we didn’t so don’t think you have too. Now you have to wait in a extremely long line and go through tight security, but as you can see I had a back pack and it was great to carry everything but while you are in line put any bags in front of you and hold tightly. Nothing against anyone but that came form several people while their you don’t know, and being in a foreign country and your form of identification or money or money and once it’s gone it’s gone.

Paris 4

Our next stop is the great Arc de Triomphe! Now here’s the secret.. there is a underground tunnel starting about twenty feet from where we are standing. It will take you directly in the Arc and let me tell you the details are so amazing up close. well worth the walk over please don’t run out in traffic because you will get hit please please take the tunnel. Once you across you will be in complete ah of statues, and details and if you are a history nut like myself you will be in heaven. Another stop we got to make is Mulan Rouge any fans out there? You will love it if you are! So now we are finally to the picture that I first posted, we ate dinner and then headed back to the Eiffel Tower to see it all lite up! WHAT A SIGHT!! Yes it was pouring rain, and yes it was chilly but would have it any other way NO WAY! It was a wonderful way to send of another adventure and check several things off my bucket list.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Enjoy strolling through Paris.