Destination Cozumel, Mexico!

Mexico, Mexico, Mexico! I freaking love this part of Mexico literally been here a multitude of times! It may be a small island but as I have also small things are jammed pack with fun. I have snorkeled, swam with the dolphins, and most recently we did a ruins tour. I would recommend ANYTHING you possibly can do. It’s a beautiful lush island. No matter what you pick you won’t just leave with tans or full stomachs you will leave with memories and adventures.

So I have visited this island three times but sadly it was before camera phones were a thing and it was all about digital cameras. So sorry I won’t have photos from previous visits but I’ll defiantly share my experience with you. So Numbro uno we swam with the dolphins ha go figure with me right? I’m all about those dolphins. Anyways the dolphin swim or encounter is worth checking out. It’s located at a place called Dolphin Cay. Which is a extremely popular place around the Caribbean and Central America. Definitely safe and secure and for those of you travelling with you ins don’t worry we took my step sister when she was like three.

Numbro dos, we snorkeled. Again completely safe, and it actually has a underwater museum you snorkel over. For you dare devils you can swim down by the statues and get your photo taken it’s very cool. Also I do believe it has been featured in National Geographic a few times. Which hey who doesn’t want to say yea I did that while watching tv with some friends. Also depending on the time of year you can also join in the great migration swim of the whale sharks. Now I know exactly what your eyes are doing they are huge and your thinking um no sharks. Yea I feel you but at the same time they are harmless. They eat shrimp and krill, and if you follow the instructors instructions which I believe the main one is stay ten feet at least from them you will be fine! Try it out! I know that’s what I’m going to do next time we have always seem to time it just right that we miss them by just a few days as they have already pasted.

Numbro trace, so exciting part now I will include photos about my most recent adventure to this island. We did a dune buggy tour to the ruins and a beautiful beach. A little different from my water activities but hey a adventure is a adventure waiting for you mold it and make it all your own.


So remember how I told you in the last two we were on a cruise? Well here it is from this view and look at that water. Here’s a secret about I’d say ehh noonish on a sunny day the water sparkles like a thousand diamonds are gleaming off the sun. I couldn’t imagine seeing something else try to compare, I’d say its in my top twenty of scenes. Literally it’s so gorgeous, so pull up a chair and sit for a while.

Cozumel 6

If you are not a see person which some are some aren’t and hey that’s cool, I would suggest checking out the lush jungle or soaking up the sun on the beach. Like I said take a adventure make it your own. This just so happened to be our first stop, and it was fabulous a lovely beach and restaurant. Or hike down to the crystal water or be like me and hang out under the palms. Please don’t ask why but I have always had a thing about palm trees, I find them elegant and graceful but I also find them different like myself. I like to be strong and grow. But also have my sweet spots like the coconut and branch out to my full potential . I don’t know that’s just how I look at.

Cozumel 3

So of course I’m a water bug and went down to the water. But seriously I don’t know about yall but I could wake up to this view everyday. Just breathe taking, another thing I like to live by is life’s not about how many breathes you take but just how many take your breathes away.

Cozumel 5

So I know a lot of you are all about the bar scene I get it, I have plenty of friends that do too. So this picture was actually take at a bar and you sip and swing while listening to the ocean crash on the shore below. Very relaxing or at least we thought so. I’m use to swim up bars but this one was defiantly different. Pretty cool actually.

Cozumel 7Last stop for the day, the ancient ruins. They are so cool, I literally LOVE history. Now I will tell you no matter how good of climber you know you are they are still very confusing how those people marched up and down ill never know. But it was amazing to see how they lived their lives. Yes they did sacrifice people  but clearly we have evolved in to not doing that. Or at least I hope you have. Ha kidding.

Cozumel 2.jpg

Have your travel jitters going yet? I know mine are. So get out, make a adventure see Cozumel through your own eyes like we have.

Destination Key West, Florida!

Story time about Key West, so get comfy along this will be a short blog it will be a interesting story. So in my previous blog I mentioned we were boarding a ship the Rhapsody (see Destination Tampa Bay) well because something went wrong somewhere our entire cruise ship schedule get messed up. So what was suppose to be a full day of snorkeling Key West’s gorgeous reefs. Well we actually ended up only being in Key West for three hours. I was pretty mad I actually wanted a photo with the Mile Zero sign so I will be returning at some point in time. So we rode a train, a uber, walked, and ate and that was it.

Key West 1

So when you think Key West, you may also think Mile Zero, Florida Keys, and to be perfect honest some people aren’t even aware that it is part of Florida. Despite the fact on half sits in the Gulf of Mexico, and the other in the Caribbean and one of the islands boarders the Atlantic. So I feel you it does get confusing. So photo above was the train ride it was called the Conch Train. It actually takes you to all the great places like Hemmingway and Sloppy Joes but since the screw up they kindly drove the passengers to and from the boat. But the town was so cool you can literally walk almost everywhere which brings us to the Uber. So since we had literally no time we decided to do the one thing that most everyone does go to the famous Sloppy Joes Key West. Food was awesome we even got souvenir t-shirts. So we hailed this wonderful Uber driver, to carry us to the is place because we had never been here we didn’t know. Yall it was the next street corner and that wonderful man didn’t even charge us. Like how sweet was that?! Thank goodness we had some cash because we left a good tip.

Key west 2

So no we didn’t get to explore like we had hoped or snorkel which I heard it’s incredible by the way. Have you been? Write in to me. Please, help a sister out. We made great memories just had to be rushed.

Key west

May not have gotten our way but the very ending was incredible this view was breathe taking sadly this picture or any pictures for that matter won’t do it justice.

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. I hope you make it to the Mile Zero sign while in Key West.

Destination Tampa Bay, Florida!

Hey all you crazy bloggers, coming to you from Destin. It’s been a long day, but don’t think i have forgotten about yall. So tonight’s topic is lovely Tampa Bay, or some may call it Clear water. Let me be the first to tell you absolutely gorgeous! We we’re only their for what us cruisers call a pre-night. For all that are not yet cruisers its a night prior to departure that the cruise line that gives you a great discount.

Tampa Bay 3

Upon arriving we explored the local town, and found this awesome restaurant called Bahama Mommas. CHECK IT OUT! It is some great food, and pretty awesome scenery. We got around on uber mainly. We also ate a great lunch at the Crab Trap. It is so mouth watery good.

Tampa Bay 5

After exploring the town we did what most tourist do the aquarium. I have a thing to watch the behavior of sharks. Truly interesting that and weather give me either and I’m so content that I will sit for hours on hours trying to solve the puzzle. The aquarium was probably one of the better ones I have been too. You see I enjoy exploring zoo’s and aquariums that’s one of my favorite hobbies. Among many other things. They have divided up to several different exhibits so each one has a new place to discover and explore.

Tampa Bay 2

Another cool part of Tampa for you more laid back people that enjoy a cold beer and few good people is Ybor. It is a awesome little town right outside of Tampa. They have a street full of bars, shops, little local restaurants. Makes for a great day trip. Whether you explore, or you want to sit and sip on something good. They also have this great place right on the corner that makes home made popsicles. I mean like legit fruit, candy, whatever ingredient you so desire. Defiantly worth checking out.

Tampa Bay .jpg

Finally it was time to board our ship Rhapsody of the Seas. It is a smaller ship but a lot of jam packed fun stay tuned as I tell you about our week long adventure onboard and at ports. Are you a cruiser? Are you interested? Write to me! Tell me about it!

Tampa Bay 4

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. So whether you swim, sail, drive, fly, or even teleport get to Tampa!

Destination Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida!

Magic Kingdom 2

This is a special blog post about a exciting Christmas party called Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party! I had the honor of getting to attend it last year and I will be attending this up coming November. Literally as magically as Magic Kingdom already is, this takes a whole new level. You get witness Disney Elsa icing up the castle as shown above. Then then they have a special castle show. Plus they hand hot chocolate and cookies all night. Now get your tickets early!! It sells out quick, it is SO MUCH FUN!

You also get to witness a special Christmas Parade that only goes on in these parties. So grab some walking shoes and your tickets and head out. Plus I didn’t tell you one of the best parts!! Between the shoes and festivities theirs only about a thousand people in the park. So go ride all the rides, wonder around, get great pictures the park is yours at your finger tips. I think we rode Thunder Mountain like eight times and space mountain like ten or twelve times.

Magic Kingdom

Magically memories are waiting to be made, plus they make it snow on the Main Street USA. (What we are standing on for those who have not yet made it to Disney.) It is seriously one the most fun party’s you will ever go too. No matter your age.

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me again! As Mickey says we will see you real soon! Enjoy Disney.

Destination Houston, Texas!

Houston 6

Wonderful Houston, almost destroyed by a horrible hurricane last year. But well get to that later, my journey to Houston was for two reason this time. Two Septembers ago my mom was diagnosed with the return of her cancer expect this time it was in her breast and lymph nodes. It continued to get worse no matter what we did. So our options had to be expanded, which led us to M.D Anderson for at least a few answers. I got lucky enough one of my best friends and two of our really good friends decided to join my journey. So of course we decided to explore.

Houston 8

First of our explorations, was a historic ranch which takes you back in time starting with the pioneer stage all the way through the late 1900 hundreds. This is a two room log cabin with a walkway in between to create a wind tunnel per say. They lived with what they could on the land, such as deer or long horns. Back then you could buy fifteen to twenty acres for nothing. So that’s what they did and now they were able to preserve these homes for the public to view. Cool isn’t it? Ok I’m a history nerd lol.

Houston 7

As our tour continued we saw how the homes changed over time. It is very interesting when you look it from a different perspective you can listen or think all day but it’s only a image your mind creates. But when you see it for real its like a total different view or idea. Gave me a whole new respect for these people. Lets be real here i felt right at home when they picked us up on a tractor and took us from home to home. Like I said in the beginning of all this I’m a small town girl.

We also got view the local wildlife and a cattle round up. My best friend had never seen a true cattle round up it was great to share that with her. Alligators were located in a over flooded creek from the hurricane, that had hit Houston a few weeks before we came down. But like a handful of people when they think Texas, ranches, cattle, and lets be real as Texas says themselves “Everything is bigger in Texas” and yes on quite a few things that is true.

Houston 2

The next day we explored down town Houston, we ate a local food market it was fabulous food. They also had a wonderful Art Festival, so if you are around Houston in the first week on November go check it out. All the different types are really cool, they also  a large lake located in the center that you can take kayaks out on. Sadly the Hurricane Harvey damaged a lot of downtown. But what was amazing to me was the fact that these innocent people get themselves back up and kept going. Truly amazing people I hope that if i was ever in that situation I can be as strong as those people.


Our next stop was the Houston Aquarium, and for one price you can do several activities including a train ride through the shark tunnel, a few rides, and the White Tiger Exhibit. So of course we had to selfie it up with the white tiger.

Another awesome thing about Houston is there baseball team, the Houston Astros who actually won the world championship last year. But I think the best thing we saw in Houston was the Houston Strong sign. So many communities came and helped this city out. This Hurricane became stronger over night before making contact with them they didn’t have much warning.  A good portion of their town, homes, buildings gone over night. So many sea creatures escaped the aquarium and some many innocent lives of people and animals lost.

Houston 4We also had the pleasure to meeting this man while in Houston. Billy Joel his church was gigantic. I do mean HUGE, but hey my best friend came to support me and she wanted to meet this man and it was the least I could do.

Houston 3 But the most amazing part of the whole trip was, seeing the sign that was given as a gift that quickly became huge. It was incredible I mean it you can hear about it on the news, but once you see the damage and the kindness that others showed. Together we stand, and together we help those in need to become one.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Enjoy exploring all Houston has to offer their partner.

Destination Beaches Negril, Jamaica!

Beaches 3

Do you dream of all inclusive resorts, with drinks by the pool and roaring waves of crystal clear water, palm trees all over. Well I’m here to tell you they do exist, you can go, and if you choose to stay their forever well who can blame you. We wound up in this beautiful place, by accident! Now i know what your thinking, accident? NO! But yes actually we were suppose to be in Turks and Caicos Bahamas, but sadly Hurricane Irma hit and wiped out the entire island. Amongst many others, so incredibly sad really. Thankfully I had two great things on my side, prayers and great travel agent, who got us transferred and a better room for free! YOU HEARD ME! I got most of money back expect for the plane tickets but that was ok and I got to visit this island with my two beaches! You see, we are the three beaches. We love the beach and most every time we get together we are nine out of ten times headed to the beach. Thus the Beaches were born.

Beaches 10

So Negril is located about two hours away from Montego Bay, but here’s one to the cool parts Beaches is their at the airport to meet you and carry you on to your destination. Beaches is a part of Sandals, so family or honeymooners, or getaways all are welcome. In our case our annual girls trip. The resort is like a dream, palm trees all over and warm sand. Five star meals all included and your swim up bars, and of course buffets everywhere you look. Have you ready and packed to head out? Stay tuned it gets better. Our first night we went a little wild and did good old karaoke. Grease will truly never be the same, and we of course hung out on the beach.

Beaches 9

Now we need to get down to the real stuff, don’t leave the resort at night. We actually got this from security. This picture was taken by security, if you wanna leave do it in the day time. It can be dangerous, like anywhere you go. Ok so moving on how awesome is this beach, the sand is so warm under your feet. The ocean is so cool, and clear we saw starfish, and lots of colorful fish, even some jelly fish. This was all just a few feet deep in the water i couldn’t imagine the world we would see if we dove or snorkeled.

Beaches 5

The resort itself is just incredible. They offer diving lesson’s, free snorkeling adventures, restaurants galore. The BEST PART this little café of ice cream, cakes, sweets and its all included! Ok that was our favorite part, but the pool and beaches of course made it more awesome. They had tons of pools, and hot tubes that sit over the beach views are fabulous. Plus all the great restaurants (make reservations asap) they have Italian and Japanese, even one on the beach. Many, many more! They also have a photo service, which we used almost everyday. Example the photo above. Next lets talk about the water park in the middle of the resort, twisting lazy river, and lots of slides, and this giant bench where you can get soaked.

beaches 1Our next stop on this this Jamaican journey was a town called Ocho Rios. We had a full day planned so we had to get up early. We had a full day ahead, our first stop was Dolphin Cove. The original plan was to just swim with the dolphins, but we actually got the chance to upgrade for like twenty dollars more. So of COURSE we did. They even let us swim out together. It was really great.

Beaches 2

Now i know it looks like I’m just standing in shallow water but actually there is a dolphin throwing me out of the water in literally in at least twenty plus feet of water. It was incredible!  Now waiting and waiting for that dolphin to come get you, lol but once they start pushing you off it is so much fun! HIGHLY ,HIGHLY suggest it! You will not regret it.
Beaches 7

Next we got to play with the local wildlife, and iguanas! We were also aloud to play with stingrays, and sharks if you wanted. The tour also included lunch, they we headed over to Dunn’s River Falls. You literally climb it from the bottom to the top, you will need water shoes. You form a huge human chain, and begin to climb along the way to slide down natural water slides, play in the rushing water. Once you reach the top its a truly exhilarating feeling! Such accomplishment! Wish we had pictures we only have a DVD.

Beaches 6

I’d truly do it all over again. This was taken as we began to start our day of fun. Most defiantly try it out. It’s a adventure you won’t forget.

Beaches 4

So when you think Jamaica you think “No Problem” and yes they say that but if you really want to connect, they say “Ya Mon” a lot more. Trust me we made a lot of friends that showed us they way. This was our very last day, so many memories made. Tans will fade but memories last a life time.

beaches 8

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. I hope you have a great time and remember say Ya Mon I’m in Jamaica Mon!


Destination Grand Canyon, Arizona!

Well before we start the Grand Canyon is not a town in Arizona, but its four rims are located different places. I have visited the North Rim when i was in eighth grade and the West Rim which will be the photos you will view today. We ended being adventurous ha go figure, and taking a helicopter through the Grand Canyon. Definitely worth doing.

Grand Canyon 3

Our journey began back in Vegas, we rented a car and headed to the Canyon. They have several activities to do on this Rim (West Rim). We drove so we could make pit stops on along the way, and the views were so addicting I don’t know how we made ourselves leave. I would highly suggest if you can drive, and for those who want to tour a great deal of America i would suggest Route 66. I have not done all of it but I plan to in years to come.

Grand Canyon 8

You can see things that God intended to be seen with your eyes, and feels so good to your soul. I will go ahead a tell you these pictures will not do it full justice you need to add the Grand Canyon to your list. Also it is one of the natural wonders of the world.  The road in is just stunning filled with stops just like this. Makes for a great trip.

The Grand Canyon West Tours are run by a wonderful tribe called Hualapai. This is part of their native land, and we should respect as such. This pictures above are from the helicopter ride in. Whether you hike, or see it like this no in any moments will you regret coming and looking over into the vast wonders that lay below you. The helicopter tour i think is like ten minutes or so but you see so much that it is worth every second. Ask you pilot about anything you see that sparks your curiosity. They will gladly answer, it is so wonderful. I want to back and back in again to gaze on this.

Grand Canyon 4

They made us new tour guides ha just kidding. While there you have several other activities that they will include, seeing the natives in their homes, visiting there markets, and one of the best parts a glass bridge stretched out over a piece of the Grand Canyon. It will be hot, and you will sweat but worth every single second.

Grand Canyon

Suspended high above the Grand Canyon you will see the magnificent wonder from all angles. They will make you cover your shoes to help preserve to keep it around for a long, long time! There is also lots of photographers that will have great pictures ideas as you can clearly see. In this particular photo we about I’d say roughly eighty feet above and I know what some of you are thinking I can’t do heights, but bit your lip, face your fear you won’t want to miss out. It makes a giant circle around bringing you the sights of that aren’t heard of it but a beautiful to lavish in.

Grand Canyon 2

Last stop of the tour I swear lol, seeing all the great things but one of the coolest is Eagle Rock. With a round head and rock stretched out like the Eagles wings. Can you find it? It is beautiful ah the Grand Canyon. Truth in beauty, from any spot.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Can’t wait to hear about you exploring the Grand Canyon and discovering all it has to offer.