Destination Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida!

Magic Kingdom 2

This is a special blog post about a exciting Christmas party called Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party! I had the honor of getting to attend it last year and I will be attending this up coming November. Literally as magically as Magic Kingdom already is, this takes a whole new level. You get witness Disney Elsa icing up the castle as shown above. Then then they have a special castle show. Plus they hand hot chocolate and cookies all night. Now get your tickets early!! It sells out quick, it is SO MUCH FUN!

You also get to witness a special Christmas Parade that only goes on in these parties. So grab some walking shoes and your tickets and head out. Plus I didn’t tell you one of the best parts!! Between the shoes and festivities theirs only about a thousand people in the park. So go ride all the rides, wonder around, get great pictures the park is yours at your finger tips. I think we rode Thunder Mountain like eight times and space mountain like ten or twelve times.

Magic Kingdom

Magically memories are waiting to be made, plus they make it snow on the Main Street USA. (What we are standing on for those who have not yet made it to Disney.) It is seriously one the most fun party’s you will ever go too. No matter your age.

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me again! As Mickey says we will see you real soon! Enjoy Disney.

Destination Houston, Texas!

Houston 6

Wonderful Houston, almost destroyed by a horrible hurricane last year. But well get to that later, my journey to Houston was for two reason this time. Two Septembers ago my mom was diagnosed with the return of her cancer expect this time it was in her breast and lymph nodes. It continued to get worse no matter what we did. So our options had to be expanded, which led us to M.D Anderson for at least a few answers. I got lucky enough one of my best friends and two of our really good friends decided to join my journey. So of course we decided to explore.

Houston 8

First of our explorations, was a historic ranch which takes you back in time starting with the pioneer stage all the way through the late 1900 hundreds. This is a two room log cabin with a walkway in between to create a wind tunnel per say. They lived with what they could on the land, such as deer or long horns. Back then you could buy fifteen to twenty acres for nothing. So that’s what they did and now they were able to preserve these homes for the public to view. Cool isn’t it? Ok I’m a history nerd lol.

Houston 7

As our tour continued we saw how the homes changed over time. It is very interesting when you look it from a different perspective you can listen or think all day but it’s only a image your mind creates. But when you see it for real its like a total different view or idea. Gave me a whole new respect for these people. Lets be real here i felt right at home when they picked us up on a tractor and took us from home to home. Like I said in the beginning of all this I’m a small town girl.

We also got view the local wildlife and a cattle round up. My best friend had never seen a true cattle round up it was great to share that with her. Alligators were located in a over flooded creek from the hurricane, that had hit Houston a few weeks before we came down. But like a handful of people when they think Texas, ranches, cattle, and lets be real as Texas says themselves “Everything is bigger in Texas” and yes on quite a few things that is true.

Houston 2

The next day we explored down town Houston, we ate a local food market it was fabulous food. They also had a wonderful Art Festival, so if you are around Houston in the first week on November go check it out. All the different types are really cool, they also  a large lake located in the center that you can take kayaks out on. Sadly the Hurricane Harvey damaged a lot of downtown. But what was amazing to me was the fact that these innocent people get themselves back up and kept going. Truly amazing people I hope that if i was ever in that situation I can be as strong as those people.


Our next stop was the Houston Aquarium, and for one price you can do several activities including a train ride through the shark tunnel, a few rides, and the White Tiger Exhibit. So of course we had to selfie it up with the white tiger.

Another awesome thing about Houston is there baseball team, the Houston Astros who actually won the world championship last year. But I think the best thing we saw in Houston was the Houston Strong sign. So many communities came and helped this city out. This Hurricane became stronger over night before making contact with them they didn’t have much warning.  A good portion of their town, homes, buildings gone over night. So many sea creatures escaped the aquarium and some many innocent lives of people and animals lost.

Houston 4We also had the pleasure to meeting this man while in Houston. Billy Joel his church was gigantic. I do mean HUGE, but hey my best friend came to support me and she wanted to meet this man and it was the least I could do.

Houston 3 But the most amazing part of the whole trip was, seeing the sign that was given as a gift that quickly became huge. It was incredible I mean it you can hear about it on the news, but once you see the damage and the kindness that others showed. Together we stand, and together we help those in need to become one.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Enjoy exploring all Houston has to offer their partner.

Destination Grand Canyon, Arizona!

Well before we start the Grand Canyon is not a town in Arizona, but its four rims are located different places. I have visited the North Rim when i was in eighth grade and the West Rim which will be the photos you will view today. We ended being adventurous ha go figure, and taking a helicopter through the Grand Canyon. Definitely worth doing.

Grand Canyon 3

Our journey began back in Vegas, we rented a car and headed to the Canyon. They have several activities to do on this Rim (West Rim). We drove so we could make pit stops on along the way, and the views were so addicting I don’t know how we made ourselves leave. I would highly suggest if you can drive, and for those who want to tour a great deal of America i would suggest Route 66. I have not done all of it but I plan to in years to come.

Grand Canyon 8

You can see things that God intended to be seen with your eyes, and feels so good to your soul. I will go ahead a tell you these pictures will not do it full justice you need to add the Grand Canyon to your list. Also it is one of the natural wonders of the world.  The road in is just stunning filled with stops just like this. Makes for a great trip.

The Grand Canyon West Tours are run by a wonderful tribe called Hualapai. This is part of their native land, and we should respect as such. This pictures above are from the helicopter ride in. Whether you hike, or see it like this no in any moments will you regret coming and looking over into the vast wonders that lay below you. The helicopter tour i think is like ten minutes or so but you see so much that it is worth every second. Ask you pilot about anything you see that sparks your curiosity. They will gladly answer, it is so wonderful. I want to back and back in again to gaze on this.

Grand Canyon 4

They made us new tour guides ha just kidding. While there you have several other activities that they will include, seeing the natives in their homes, visiting there markets, and one of the best parts a glass bridge stretched out over a piece of the Grand Canyon. It will be hot, and you will sweat but worth every single second.

Grand Canyon

Suspended high above the Grand Canyon you will see the magnificent wonder from all angles. They will make you cover your shoes to help preserve to keep it around for a long, long time! There is also lots of photographers that will have great pictures ideas as you can clearly see. In this particular photo we about I’d say roughly eighty feet above and I know what some of you are thinking I can’t do heights, but bit your lip, face your fear you won’t want to miss out. It makes a giant circle around bringing you the sights of that aren’t heard of it but a beautiful to lavish in.

Grand Canyon 2

Last stop of the tour I swear lol, seeing all the great things but one of the coolest is Eagle Rock. With a round head and rock stretched out like the Eagles wings. Can you find it? It is beautiful ah the Grand Canyon. Truth in beauty, from any spot.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Can’t wait to hear about you exploring the Grand Canyon and discovering all it has to offer.

Destination Destin, Florida!


Destin Florida is one of the fun places to visit there is literally something for everyone no matter the age. Whether you are a beach bum, explorer, deep sea fisher, whatever the case get on to this beach. Family, or in our case girls weekend it is one of the best places to go. All the great local restaurants and sugar beaches how could you say no?

Destin has been our destinations for family trips multiple times and spring break for high school and college. I would suggest a condo for your stay that way you have a full kitchen to make meals you don’t want to eat out all the time and lots of bedrooms. Usually most of them are located on the beach and include some beach chairs so you can lounge from dawn to dusk. You may also see some dolphins from your balcony and great nights of listening to waves, and talking will be formed.

Destin 6

So lets get to the fun parts the beach, night life, and fun activities! The beach is so wonderful, teal waters and sugar sands to relax in. I prefer to stay in the water but most of my friends love to lay out and soak up the rays.

Destin 4

The waves are pretty easy to handle, and the flags will alert you to watch the conditions are. Now for all you August travelers, August is jelly fish mating season they have not affected us in the two times we have gone in August but I’d rather let you know up front you will see them. Most kids catch them in their nets and throw them back out to sea. Others use them in the moats are sand castles you will see them everywhere. JUST SAYING! Haha, but the water is mostly clear and you can get out fairly far with no current issues. But please make sure you have looked at the flags to recognize if their is a current. So beaches have life guards not all.

Destin 5

Sand bars often form and are fun to hang out on. After a fun day at the beach you may want to eat at one of the local restaurants, or maybe head to The Track. Ha or maybe both? One of favorite restaurants is Fudpuckers. Now they get packed fairly quick, but you have some much to do their the time will pass quickly. They have a gator feeding and pictures, a local bar, and playground for the younger ones. They also have their famous t-shirts. I try and get a new one each time i visit. Also the Crab Trap, A.J’s, Whales Tail, and many other great restaurants i don’t think we have ever had a bad experience. So many great places to choose from.

Next is the Track, they have arcades, go-karts, bumper boats, mini golf you name it they probably have it. It is so wonderful, and makes for a great night. Or a great day, depending on when you go. It is such a fun time. I would suggest it to anyone. Plus their a several of them with different themed golf or arcades.

Destin 7

We are a action selfie best friend package. Lol

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Whoever you hit Destin with i hope you have the best time!

Destination, Hawaii!

Hawaii 1

Hawaii I know that is on a ton of lists, it is all what people say it is! Our journey began flying to Honolulu and stayed our first in night in Waikiki beach. It is unreal to say the least its like something I had never seen before. This trip was filled to the brim with adventure so try and keep up haha I’m going to break it all down between islands. We were the term literally island hoping.

Hawaii 19This is the view from the plane and I was jittering with excitement one of my biggest adventures yet was about to unfold.

When we got off the plane we we’re greeted with these beautiful lei’s then we got in our taxi and headed to our first stop. The amazing Waikiki beach. So many shells and lots of cool lava rocks to stand on, it felt weird under my feet but yet so cool. Now before you get excited cough* cough* me don’t take a lava rock according to the Hawaiians it will curse you. I am not really taking any chances! That night we explored the town, tons of fun little places to look around in.

Hawaii 16

That next day we boarded a boat called the Pride of America by Norwegian Cruise line. It takes you to all the islands to me its a great way to see all of Hawaii to me cruising is truly the way to go because you see so many places.  Our first day on the ship we hung by the pool and soaked up some rays.

Hawaii 15

First stop Maui! First place the beach, ok the sand feels like velvet. Water is like naturally cool, and its just incredible with all the lava rock formations. So we spent the day sunning on the beach soaking up all the rays we could get. Then back to the ship to get dressed for our authentic luau it was so cool. We were greeted with lei’s and drinks then it was time to watch them cook, yall they actually roasted a pig they dug a pit and wrapped in leaves while cooking. Next we all sat down to eat dinner, after a delicious dinner, we got to watch a fabulous show. How they shake their hips like that I will never know but it was great watch. Maui is so such a lush island I would go back in a heart beat. Also if you have time to down the road to Hana we have heard it is truly incredible.
Hawaii 14

We were fortunate enough to stay to get a extra day to explore Maui, and we went explored Paia stunning beach and adorable town. But as you can tell we are about exploring, and we found this awesome spot it had a world war two bunker, and this great little pool of water surrounded by lava rocks. We even saw the cutest sea turtle, now I have to tell you we did have a little more of a adventure then we let on. About hundred yards I guess maybe people just do their own thing I’m not really sure. But either way it was a nude beach and no we did not partake but it was interesting seeing I had never seen one before and that’s fine. I did and now I have seen it all. Just needed to warn you if that’s your thing I’m all happy for you, we are not lol.

Hawaii 13.jpg

Our next stop Hilo the big island and yes pick your jaw up we are standing yards away from a very active volcano. It was incredible, we got to walk around then headed to a volcano winery everything was made fresh. Ah it was so amazing, and tasted so good and they had a free wine tasting but since my niece was clearly a little under age I sat with her and told her about the volcano. Did you know its beyond cheap to live in Hawaii if you live in a volcano zone that is. So if you want to live on legit wild side go for it! That gorgeous island is waiting. Our next adventure on the island was in a helicopter so we could go over the volcano and seeing where it went into the ocean and where the lava had harden. SO COOL!

Left photo us crossing the barrier to get closer to the volcano, right is the rim with the lava spewing from the helicopter. It was truly a incredible day especially since the lava was going. Over all I think Hilo/Kona (Make up the big island) was my favorite island. It has so much to offer and wait until you read about Kona you will fall in love just like we did.

Hawaii 10

KONA! Water so blue you would swear you were in the Caribbean, I have never in my life seen so many colorful fish, as you can probably guess by the photo we went snorkeling. We were not a loud to wear sunscreen, it would hurt the coral. We saw caves made entirely of hardened lava, we even saw a shark. It was a amazing sight, and mom got so scared of the eels she jumped back in the boat. Yall we would put money on it we even saw a whale! The dolphins we also so playful they came right up to the boat and as we were sailing away they all jumped in the waves. It was like the end of great movie or something it was so surreal.

Hawaii 9 Our last island, was Kauai where Jurassic Park and World was filmed. As you can tell by these photos we a little dirty, they make you change clothes and put on bandanas because face it you get so dirty its crazy. You get to tour all the cool movie scenes and then you stop for snacks and to take a dip in the waterfall. They even let you jump off it, it’s so much fun! And that water fells so good after sweating all day and getting dirty. But gotta warn you that’s only your tour you get just as dirty on the second half lol this tour company is the real deal though they are really cool. Id highly suggest trying it out.

On our last night on the cruise, we got to pass one of the most beautiful things in the entire world. Even National Geographic put it in the top fifty sites to see. It’s called the Na’Pali coast, it is literally one of the greatest things to see. No matter what your interests are in travel this will have you drooling for more it is amazing. Words and pictures just don’t do it justice, please go and see it for yourself.

Hawaii 5The next day was one of finally ones we got to spend it at Aulani Disney, breathe taking resort. So we felt we should watch a Hawaiian sunset with no distractions and it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

Hawaii 4


Hawaii 6

Aulani is filled with great adventures, my niece and my sister are huge stitch fans so it was kind of a must to stop there. They have a huge water park built in the middle and this wonderful infinity pool over looking the ocean views for days. Hawaii is literally a dream that came true when you get off that plane or that boat. No matter how many words I use to describe it won’t do it any justice.

Hawaii 3

You can guess where the literally last stop was on the way to the airport we got to tour Pearl Harbor fun fact about me I share a birthday with this holiday. Yea I kept that part to myself, haha. We toured it all the U.S Arizona and the U.S.S Missouri. Please yall go check it out worth every single second. We were even blessed to meet one of the survivors from this day what a honor that was!! We also got to tour the punch bowl which is the cemetery which was so beautiful and so taken care of. The tragedy of this all but the history that lives here is unforgettable. The U.S Arizona Memorial was built like a odd shaped “U” because we stood strong then got attacked and we were down but we got back up and showed them a thing or too. Made me proud to be American.

Hawaii 2

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Have fun island hopping and don’t forget to hang ten while visiting Hawaii.


Destination Las, Vegas, Nevada!

orVegas 2

Vegas Baby!! Ok so we didn’t hit the jack pot on money but we did on memories now this was my second time to Vegas first time was a bachelorette party but the second time I got to see all of Vegas. One of your first and fun stops should be the sign, taking a picture in front of the sign is like a Vegas must. Now you had two options if you rented a car or you are close to the sign go get your pictures, if not and you are taking ubers all over that’s fine too! Get them to stop on the way to the airport it’s on the way or how ever you are leaving Vegas it’s on the way out. Also bring you a few ones sometimes their is a Elvis impersonator, photographers there to take your photos. Tip fairly good and they will get you more pictures and take it from me your flash doesn’t work well with the sign lite up at night.


So no matter where you stay Vegas has all these crazy hotels my personal favorite Luxor. But out west and in the dessert its hot so definitely schedule you some pool time to cool off and catch some rays. Besides all the fun happens at night anyway, whether you are a looker or gambler it’s fun. I love seeing inside of all the other casinos but I do like to dabble in the occasional slot machine. Now also look for your hotel specials like these cups you can get so many refills for however much, or all you can eat buffets. That way you can save more money to have fun. Vegas 4

So when you think Vegas you think night life, alcohol, and gambling and yes we did all three. But if you are like me and you like to explore I went in each casino and see how different they are, its like each one is a different world. New York, New York and Paris or Rio so many great ones to explore each one having a different thing to offer. Now people watching is going to be off the chain literally their is absolutely no telling what you will see fair warning. Ha so don’t come back and say I didn’t! Vegas 3

Now if you have seen hangover you know exactly where we standing if not we are in Creasers Palace which is probably one of the more famous places you think about when you picture Vegas. It’s got a lot to offer you may want to give yourself a day or a full night or longer lol I can’t even list all the things they have there is so much. So definitely add this place to your list, another fun place to add to your list is the Venation whether you have been to Venice or not it’s like you are walking the streets I mean it is almost identical. If I go back that is probably where I will stay. We have also stayed at M.G.M Grand hotel yes the green one. Really and truly wherever you go in Vegas its a adventure waiting for you. Another great one, but it needs to defiantly be at night is the Bellagio the fountain show is incredible. I could watch it every night!

Vegas 1Ok one last thing before you end you Vegas trip see a show whatever show you so choose their are so many to choose from. We saw a acrobats Beatles reenactment, it was a fantastic show. But we also thought about the Blue Man Group or Chris Angel whatever you see it will be amazing because everything Vegas style is amazing. No matter what you like to do play the slots the keep the drinks coming. Or explore everything and see so many different places without leaving the hotels. You know you can totally pull a us too, and just do it all. Whatever you do just have fun because hey what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Have fun getting wild and crazy in good ol’ Las Vegas.

Destination Chicago, Illinois!

Chicago 3

So think Chicago, what do you think pizza or the bean, or are you like me think cold and windy. Ha well yes it’s cold in windy but it’s also a really cool town. We spent all day exploring the town. Went up the Willis tower, and through the zoo which is totally compliantly by the way. We ate some of the best pizza I have ever tasted, and walked all around town. One of the more cooler things is you can buy this pass and you get all around Chicago by bus or subway and its all unlimited so you can go everywhere on your adventure.

Chicago 4

First stop of the day as you can probably guess the bean, located in Millennium, Park. So I know what you are thinking why would I want to see a giant metal bean? Well for one thing the entire sky line reflects off of it, its really cool actually and makes for a great picture. That’s actually why it was made “The Photogenic Diversity” and it hit Chicago like wild fire.

Chicago 2

Our next stop, the Willis Tower. We bought our tickets that day and I’d probably buy them again that day the line moves fairly quick, and its indoors. So no matter the weather you will be warm or cool, but if you like to plan ahead which I’m like bipolar about so days I have to it planned to the last second but other days I’m like ehh whatever we do we will take it by the horns and deal with whatever comes our way. It is essential your choice. Ok back to subject, once you get all the way to the elevator they take up all the way, way, way up and again a line but if your with friends or family try and make friends with the person in front or behind you and see if you can take one another’s photos together so you don’t have to get yelled at for holding up the line. Because people will trust me. The view goes on for miles and it is incredible and yes as you can tell it is all glass but that makes it so much cooler. The only line that does take forever is the line back down so take if from experience take your time.

Our next stop was Chicago Zoo we took the bus too it, It is a long walk to the other side of Chicago. So get this the Zoo is free and they have a lot of cool animals, polar bears, wolves, and one of my personal favorites the house of big cats. Despite the annoying man sitting there agitating the poor leopard. But I’m kind of a zoo nut if I have to time to visit on I will! Thankfully one of my best friends that travels with me feels the same way! I also love aquariums but we will get to that later. I would definitely say if you have time stop at the zoo take a look around you won’t regret it.

Chiacago 1

Our finally stop of the day one of the more popular stops in Chicago, Navy Pier. If you are looking for a fun few hours or all day this place is jam packed with fun. When its warm they have a lovely looking beach, and carnival rides and the pier walkway is a wonderful view of the lake. They also have a large indoor areas with lots of arcade games great for all ages and lots of new memories will be made.

That night we ate at the Rainforest Café one of our favorite places. So if you are animals lovers like us or looking for a wild eating adventure that is the place for you. Sadly the next day was our last day in Chicago but we went and ate some authentic Chicago pizza oh my goodness it was so good I think my mouth is still watering. Try some! No joke the best!

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Adventures are made wondering Chicago.