Destination London, England!

London 3

London! London! London! I love London! Calling all Potter geeks it’s amazing! Ok again getting ahead of myself, when we landed we hit the ground running. We visited so many great places and one of my best friends was the best to show me all over. We started with Buckingham palace, again I envy the Queen her palace is amazing! The London Eye thank you Coke! Fun fact it was only suppose to be there for the new millennium and was so popular they kept it. We also visit Kings Cross Station, and the Tower bridge!

London 6So these are just the gates but this can at least give you some what of a idea of how magnificent palace. Try and watch the guards change it is very exciting, because despite what the movies tell you, you can’t even get close to the guards if certainly don’t mess with them! But hey you have to admit its pretty cool that you can stand at the gates. Or at least I think it is, any way the palace is a must see to add to your list of places to see.

London 4

Next we headed to the amazing London Eye. The views are spectacular from every angle, and for you Potter nerds you can see several movie scenes. We bought our tickets that day and the line wasn’t that long but I would suggest buying them in advance because lines are unpredictable. For all ages it is so much fun! London 5

After that we toured all over town, seeing the Prime Minster’s home and Lancaster square. As you saw earlier M&M world one of fun stops, but we also ate at one of our favorites places TGI Fridays. Being a tourist and sight seeing is a must add on your list, as you can Big Ben one was great photo op. The Prime Minster’s home was so cool to stand next to like I was someone important haha I wish. But lets get real here, Lancaster Square where they debate all the Harry Potter Films. We were in heaven!

London 2

The next day we went to Tower Bridge. It was incredible, and walk on it and over look the channel is it very peaceful! Very cool to walk on we sadly didn’t have time to walk the full length, but you need to at least walk a couple feet down it. Come on now its a adventure waiting to happen! London has this great essence about it that just makes you feel at home, no matter how far you are from home. They are all kind and very helpful even you are clearly, clearly lost they will help if you reach out and ask. Another place you may want to add to your list but we sadly didn’t have time to see but Wes Minster Abby next time in London that will be one of my first stops.

London 1

Our final stop before we caught our train to Scotland was Kings Cross Station. Yes where Platform 9 3/4 is, yes you can go through it pick you house we were Gryffindor’s! My heart was so full I’m sorry I’m a literal Potter geek at heart. So for all you Gryffindor’s, Huffle Puffs, Raven Claws or Slytherin’s make this a stop. So as you can imagine another check on my bucket list, this is one of my most treasured memories.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Have a blast running through walls and touring London.

Destination Paris, France!

Is Paris on your list of places? I know it was on my mine another great bucket list trip checked of my list. Paris is big but so many things are inside to explore, and if nothing else go see the Eiffel Tower! It is so big and beautiful but my suggestion if possible go at night it’s like a totally different sight when it’s all lite up. We did so many great things while in Paris, explored Luxemburg and climbed the Eiffel Tower! Keep reading it will be a fun adventure!

Paris 1Literally stepped out of my cab and this picture was the sight! But we are getting way ahead of myself my adventure in Paris started the night before. So we shared a taxi with some lovely people we met traveling from Kenya, and they were so kind to cover our entire taxi fare! Can’t wait to share again another taxi so I can return the favor! So we get to our hotel and they have a roof top café where we view the Eiffel Tower while we munched on our snacks. Watching in ahh of the glow and after ten p.m. I believe I can’t remember what time to be exact, every hour they will turn the lights and it will sparkle through the night amazing to witness!

Paris 5

The next morning we woke bright and early to begin exploring Paris our day was filled so many exciting things to see and do! Our first stop was Luxembourg Gardens, STUNNING and I mean stunning this picture does no justice. Great for a early morning stroll or any time of the day really. Next we headed over to Notre-Dame! Oh my goodness it was a sight to see, it was so incredible I even met some wonderful people from Georgia I would recognize a fellow southern accent anywhere. Then we ventured over to the famous Champs-Elysees it is well worth the walk, especially if you are a big shopper! So many designers on one street its awesome to say the least. But if you are like me and are a impulse buyer at the first souvenir shop you see, they jam pack you in some of those places like sardines in a can. So personal advice get what you need and get out! Hahaha the next stop is probably the most talked about in Paris, the Eiffel Tower.

Paris 3

We came, we climbed, we conquered. Ok so lets get a little more detail in that last sentence so we took a cab to Eiffel Tower and got our tickets to go up to the top. Now you have two choices to get to the top you can take the stairs which if you can do that I completely commend you I would be out of breathe by the like the third or forth stair case. Or you can do like us and most others lol and take the sideways elevators. Which as scary that might actually sound it was like super cool. So the picture above was taken from the second level, which had stores, and a restaurant if that gives you any idea of how big it is. But the first level is one of the cooler stops glass floors! Yea you heard me!

Paris 2

See the people below? Did you think I was kidding? Yea my mom about had a heart attack thinking at any moment could possible plummet but I assure you it can handle ALOT! The climb is worth it! Now that we have talked about all the fun things I would suggest if you are able to purchase your tickets in advance but if not we didn’t so don’t think you have too. Now you have to wait in a extremely long line and go through tight security, but as you can see I had a back pack and it was great to carry everything but while you are in line put any bags in front of you and hold tightly. Nothing against anyone but that came form several people while their you don’t know, and being in a foreign country and your form of identification or money or money and once it’s gone it’s gone.

Paris 4

Our next stop is the great Arc de Triomphe! Now here’s the secret.. there is a underground tunnel starting about twenty feet from where we are standing. It will take you directly in the Arc and let me tell you the details are so amazing up close. well worth the walk over please don’t run out in traffic because you will get hit please please take the tunnel. Once you across you will be in complete ah of statues, and details and if you are a history nut like myself you will be in heaven. Another stop we got to make is Mulan Rouge any fans out there? You will love it if you are! So now we are finally to the picture that I first posted, we ate dinner and then headed back to the Eiffel Tower to see it all lite up! WHAT A SIGHT!! Yes it was pouring rain, and yes it was chilly but would have it any other way NO WAY! It was a wonderful way to send of another adventure and check several things off my bucket list.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Enjoy strolling through Paris.

Destination Rome, Italy!

The saying goes when in Rome right? Well let me tell you a few great things to see and explore while in Rome! We didn’t have long but that was ok we saw some of the greats such as the Vatican, Trevi Fountain, and the magnificent coliseum! Plus the food was amazing! Rome 1First stop the Vatican! Magnificent just wonderful! I am envious of the Pope he has it made. You can wonder all over and explore for hours on end, and since we so happened to be there on Easter they were doing a special show to represent Easter. We didn’t have time for it all but it was really neat to view it from their perspective. It is a must to add to your list of sights or to see or for me personally it was a check of my bucket list. Rome 2Stop number two! The beautiful Trevi Fountain. Fun fact they say if you throw a coin and make a wish you will return to Rome! Let me tell you I threw about ten coins in their lol and my wish is finally coming true I will be returning to Rome next month! Another fun fact they collect all the coins every so often and divide it all up and return it to those in need. Like what a great country to do something like that! Rome 4Could literally stare at this fountain all day studying all the different stories and details it has to offer yea us too! Let me tell you from personal experience you want a photo you have to fight for it and this was in off season I dread to see how crazy high season will be! Ha stay tuned ill probably blog about a few different things to do in Rome.

Rome 3

Our last and finally stop in Rome was which you can guess by the picture the coliseum! We didn’t have enough time to tour the indoors but it was just as cool to wonder around and see it from the outside. Very easy to get too as well by bus or underground which was very clean and easy to navigate also very inexpensive quick way around Rome.  The Coliseum has now been proclaimed one of the natural wonders of the world so get on it! Most definitely bucket list worthy! It was a great feeling to check it off! So grab some good walking shoes and gelato and enjoy!

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me! Have a good time roaming Rome!

Destination Venice, Italy!

Venice 1

My beautiful Venice! Small town big adventures! This town is jam packed of some of the most beautiful scenery, great food, and the I guess the gondola’s are pretty cool. Haha I’m just kidding they are amazing you have to ride at least one time on them. We actually stayed in a hotel on the canal wondrous views it was so cool. You can walk over all and take it all, St. Mark’s Square is one of the famous sites.

Venice 5

Our adventure began with a water taxi ride to our hotel. The city was quitting down when we arrived but man was it beautiful to see the lights reflection in the canal. They don’t have cars in town you walk, water taxi, or the famous gondola rides. They have lots of bridges that stretch over the water and are beautiful to admire. Since we arrived late when we got to the hotel we went to sleep so we begin our next adventure bright and early. When I say a long day I mean a LONG day sadly the day before we left the Brussels was attacked. So our entire flight schedule was turned upside down. We flew from Manchester to Germany then to Switzerland and finally arrived in Venice. Which for future reference inner country flights are very inexpensive and so are trains. But since we only had a limited amount of time we flew from place to place until we got London but that story will come much later.

Venice 3

Remember those bridges I told you about? That is where this gorgeous view came from but as one of my best friends Rachel says (to my right) some pictures don’t do places justice. As we roamed around we learned about the importance of masks in their culture and were able to try some on also we got to eat right by the water and it was so nice outside that we got a nice table in the sunshine and great views of the canals. Now I know what you thinking why on earth is she blabbing about sunshine? Well I’m from the south Tennessee to be exact and yes I’m use to the sun but I quickly discover over there they don’t see the sun all the time like we do. So believe me when I say I will never take advantage of the sunshine again I will not! Ok now back to Venice after roaming the square we visited inside several churches which words do not express the beauty within inside. Venice 4

This picture gives you kind of a better idea of the amazing views we got all day, our next stop was the famous gondola’s!

Venice 6Now before we go further the blue and white boat is a water taxi but clearly you can probably tell the difference between that and the gondola.  But just wanted to clarify so you don’t like myself get confused easily! The gondola ride was like magic sailing in between all the buildings and side canals then we came out into the main grand canal. Which surprisingly felt like floating on the lake they were water taxi’s, boats, and other gondolas making waves but I promise you that man or women will not let you tip no matter how close you feel like you will haha! Or maybe that’s me I slightly panic from time to time hey I’m not perfect! Lol.

Venice 2

From two of my best friends and I thank you for traveling to this part of the map with me! Have so much fun floating around Venice!