Destination Costa Maya, Mexico!

Welcome to Costa Maya, it use to be like ehh it’s a no where town. But now it has soared, and it so cool to visit. This is the last leg of our journey on our cruise ship adventure. This town has got it all, beach time to crazy excursions you had never even thought about doing. We decided to just explore the town I was still a little sore to be honest from fighting the waves, and the jelly fish but hey shopping isn’t always a bad choice. We got beautiful jewelry for a great discount price, and tons of awesome little shops with unique souvenirs.

Costa Maya 2One of the cooler parts of the town, was they do a authentic show from the history of ancient tribes. Worth the climb and well worth the watch. I would highly recommend it, from the colors and the culture to the history coming alive. So much excitement for a this little coastal town. The beach and water are gorgeous as well. Sadly we we’re having to try and beat a storm so we had to leave early so I didn’t get to walk down. But we saw tons of wildlife from the dock. Several stingrays came by and all sorts of different fish very interesting. So if you are a shopper, beach bum, or a combination of both down town is for you.

But if you are more for a adventure seeker, check out the excursion boards, they treks through the Mayan jungle, and snorkeling through the crystal clear waters. Jet Ski tours, and dune buggies whatever your calling get out their and live it up. This town will draw you in and then turn your adventure game on and help you pursue it.

Costa MayaWell thanks for going to this part of the map with me. Get out take the vacation, turn your adventure on get to Costa Maya!

Destination Star Fish Island, Belize!

Well good morning all, up a little earlier and saw a opportunity to type while sitting in this luxury balcony listening to the sound of the ocean which in turn is giving me some great inspiration for my next piece Belize!

Upon any travel to Belize you need to read any and all safety requirements because despite how much of a wet blanket I’m sounding one wrong turn, or wrong place can be pretty bad.  As you have already figured out, we were still on this cruise. Which cruise, resort, travel agent, whatever will advise you the same that I’m fixing too. Don’t drink the water, bottled only. Stay safe, be aware always take a guided tour if wishing to explore. Now I’m not saying it’s a bad country, but I’m also not saying its a country of gold either. Like ANY COUNTRY their are precautions.

So have you ever thought about visiting? Are you a diver or snorkeler? Well as you can tell I am. So my Belize exploration began at Star Fish Island. Home of Belize’s Great Barrier Reef (Yes like Sydney, Australia) clearly different fish though but non the less extremely colorful.  Please do the Reef a favor if this sparks a interest use the sunscreen that won’t harm the reef. I’m not some deranged activists for anything but it’s cool to preserve what we have.

Belize 3

Now on the journey to Starfish Island, as we Potter geeks say it will be a bumpy ride mon. For some like me doesn’t bother me I have grown up on the lake, cruise ships, and clearly I prefer to be by the water. But for my mom here due to cancer treatment it was tough for her. So just be aware, they offer assistance but hopefully you will not need it. So of course the day we get their to see the reef and the Blue Hole which OH MY GOSH! Get back to that, the water was so choppy, it was terrible which for poor mom didn’t help. But see it made it worth while. Picture above they have conchs EVERY WHERE! Please don’t take them home they are something’s home. But seriously pretty cool to pick up and take photos with. Mom didn’t get that memo.

For snorkeling they offer three different choices, Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. Seeing as mom wasn’t feeling fantastic we did beginners so she could take it nice and slow. The down part of the beginners was that almost everyone on the island chose the same which even though its a huge ocean we felt so crowded flippers flopping all over and the tour guides having to yell over side talkers. But we saw what we came to see, which was a abundance of colorful fish and string rays. We even saw a Eel. Then we got to the deepest part of the tour still amazing, still tons of color. But to this very day I still don’t know why the tour guide said this. ” We are in about fifty feet of water, nobody panic but there is about three sharks underneath us so look down.” Yes it was cool, but at the same time like I said A LOT of people that were now panicking. Creating more chaos then anything. Now granted they were nurse sharks and we were in there territory that is theirs. No they didn’t bother us if anything we bothered them. Ok so I have saved a personal experience that I truly hope doesn’t happened to any of you. I got stung by jelly fish twenty eight times. No lie or exaggeration. They are called Moon Jelly Fish they are hard to see being completely clear. It does hurt but not as bad as other jelly stings. It will sting, whelp, and go down the next day.

Belize 2

So you know how I talked about side talkers on the tour maybe one of them was me but I’m sorry  I was making a friend. Whom we now talk on our shell phones quite often to keep in touch. So despite the bad there is always a good.

So the Blue Hole, we only saw part of it, It is truly better seen by air, but dang was it one of the coolest things I have seen. It’s like God created this own little part of life for nobody to mess with. Just to view in aw or amazement. Sadly because I saw it from the boat I couldn’t get a proper picture.

Belize 4

As our day winded down I had this picture taken to remind us, that not everything is about laying out or catching the rays (which I do a lot) but to explore what you can while you can. Because so many things are being harmed and this Reef and Blue Hole can only take so much. Also I want to talk to you about if you are a land tour person (also me) they have this train called The Conch Train. Hop on Hop off type train. It is very cool, also if you are looking for a good lunch consider the local restaurant the Wet Lizard. It was incredible good. My grandmother bought me food from her plate from their and she also recommends it.


Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. I hope you have a unbelizeable good time exploring!

Destination Cozumel, Mexico!

Mexico, Mexico, Mexico! I freaking love this part of Mexico literally been here a multitude of times! It may be a small island but as I have also small things are jammed pack with fun. I have snorkeled, swam with the dolphins, and most recently we did a ruins tour. I would recommend ANYTHING you possibly can do. It’s a beautiful lush island. No matter what you pick you won’t just leave with tans or full stomachs you will leave with memories and adventures.

So I have visited this island three times but sadly it was before camera phones were a thing and it was all about digital cameras. So sorry I won’t have photos from previous visits but I’ll defiantly share my experience with you. So Numbro uno we swam with the dolphins ha go figure with me right? I’m all about those dolphins. Anyways the dolphin swim or encounter is worth checking out. It’s located at a place called Dolphin Cay. Which is a extremely popular place around the Caribbean and Central America. Definitely safe and secure and for those of you travelling with you ins don’t worry we took my step sister when she was like three.

Numbro dos, we snorkeled. Again completely safe, and it actually has a underwater museum you snorkel over. For you dare devils you can swim down by the statues and get your photo taken it’s very cool. Also I do believe it has been featured in National Geographic a few times. Which hey who doesn’t want to say yea I did that while watching tv with some friends. Also depending on the time of year you can also join in the great migration swim of the whale sharks. Now I know exactly what your eyes are doing they are huge and your thinking um no sharks. Yea I feel you but at the same time they are harmless. They eat shrimp and krill, and if you follow the instructors instructions which I believe the main one is stay ten feet at least from them you will be fine! Try it out! I know that’s what I’m going to do next time we have always seem to time it just right that we miss them by just a few days as they have already pasted.

Numbro trace, so exciting part now I will include photos about my most recent adventure to this island. We did a dune buggy tour to the ruins and a beautiful beach. A little different from my water activities but hey a adventure is a adventure waiting for you mold it and make it all your own.


So remember how I told you in the last two we were on a cruise? Well here it is from this view and look at that water. Here’s a secret about I’d say ehh noonish on a sunny day the water sparkles like a thousand diamonds are gleaming off the sun. I couldn’t imagine seeing something else try to compare, I’d say its in my top twenty of scenes. Literally it’s so gorgeous, so pull up a chair and sit for a while.

Cozumel 6

If you are not a see person which some are some aren’t and hey that’s cool, I would suggest checking out the lush jungle or soaking up the sun on the beach. Like I said take a adventure make it your own. This just so happened to be our first stop, and it was fabulous a lovely beach and restaurant. Or hike down to the crystal water or be like me and hang out under the palms. Please don’t ask why but I have always had a thing about palm trees, I find them elegant and graceful but I also find them different like myself. I like to be strong and grow. But also have my sweet spots like the coconut and branch out to my full potential . I don’t know that’s just how I look at.

Cozumel 3

So of course I’m a water bug and went down to the water. But seriously I don’t know about yall but I could wake up to this view everyday. Just breathe taking, another thing I like to live by is life’s not about how many breathes you take but just how many take your breathes away.

Cozumel 5

So I know a lot of you are all about the bar scene I get it, I have plenty of friends that do too. So this picture was actually take at a bar and you sip and swing while listening to the ocean crash on the shore below. Very relaxing or at least we thought so. I’m use to swim up bars but this one was defiantly different. Pretty cool actually.

Cozumel 7Last stop for the day, the ancient ruins. They are so cool, I literally LOVE history. Now I will tell you no matter how good of climber you know you are they are still very confusing how those people marched up and down ill never know. But it was amazing to see how they lived their lives. Yes they did sacrifice people  but clearly we have evolved in to not doing that. Or at least I hope you have. Ha kidding.

Cozumel 2.jpg

Have your travel jitters going yet? I know mine are. So get out, make a adventure see Cozumel through your own eyes like we have.

Destination Cancun, Mexico!

Cancun 6Hello Cancun! Tropical destination, all you can drink inclusive, gorgeous teal water, paradise right? YES!! The resorts are crazy beautiful and when you first arrive give you a few minutes to take it all in. Everything from the scenery to the wild life, so put your bags up and hit the resort full on.

Our adventures began with the pool, and the beach! We also explored all over the resorts from all the restaurants and buffets, all the pools and we even had a private beach section with our room package. The Resort offered something different every day whether party’s, dance lesson and even a foam party. Plus the adventures we took LET ME TELL YOU THEY WERE AWESOME!

One of our first adventures was trekking through Mayan jungle on a great tour. Sadly it began raining, but that didn’t stop us. We even saw a crocodile, which they didn’t tell us how truly close it was until after the tour over. But hey that’s cool it didn’t come after us and we let it be. Lol then we had a fabulous lunch included on the tour it was delicious, and we were on one of best beaches that’s known in Mexico Playa Del Carmen. Man it was it awesome. I’d definitely recommend to anyone.

Cancun 5

Our next adventure, was the underground caves! Have you heard about them? Yes lol I’m sure you have. You first start off on a wild ride through the jungle then you come to the zip lines to start the next part of your journey there. After you zip line through the jungle and take a dip in that cool cave water. It’s finally time to get in the cave! First you have to take a cold shower which considering how hot it is, it feels pretty good. The cave doesn’t need to be contaminated by bug spray or sun screen. So get it all off you and dive in. Well actually on this tour you repel in which that’s pretty awesome, and the cave water is so cold it feels amazing! Once you get to the dock jump in i promise its much, much deeper then you think. Then grab your snorkel and start your underground adventure, they will give you a flash light use it! It is super dark lol the further you go the darker. You can swim deeper if you like just make sure you take your flash light you never know when it becomes shallow. If nothing else has convinced you to take this adventure it is also on National Geographic’s list.

Cancun 2

As our Cancun trip was winding down, we became the literal definition of beach bums. It was sad but great. So is Cancun on your list? If you are adventurous as we are I certainly hope so. Whether it is a weekend trip or a full on week Cancun has something for everyone to do.

Cancun 1

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Have a muy beuno time exploring Cancun!