Destination Beaches Negril, Jamaica!

Beaches 3

Do you dream of all inclusive resorts, with drinks by the pool and roaring waves of crystal clear water, palm trees all over. Well I’m here to tell you they do exist, you can go, and if you choose to stay their forever well who can blame you. We wound up in this beautiful place, by accident! Now i know what your thinking, accident? NO! But yes actually we were suppose to be in Turks and Caicos Bahamas, but sadly Hurricane Irma hit and wiped out the entire island. Amongst many others, so incredibly sad really. Thankfully I had two great things on my side, prayers and great travel agent, who got us transferred and a better room for free! YOU HEARD ME! I got most of money back expect for the plane tickets but that was ok and I got to visit this island with my two beaches! You see, we are the three beaches. We love the beach and most every time we get together we are nine out of ten times headed to the beach. Thus the Beaches were born.

Beaches 10

So Negril is located about two hours away from Montego Bay, but here’s one to the cool parts Beaches is their at the airport to meet you and carry you on to your destination. Beaches is a part of Sandals, so family or honeymooners, or getaways all are welcome. In our case our annual girls trip. The resort is like a dream, palm trees all over and warm sand. Five star meals all included and your swim up bars, and of course buffets everywhere you look. Have you ready and packed to head out? Stay tuned it gets better. Our first night we went a little wild and did good old karaoke. Grease will truly never be the same, and we of course hung out on the beach.

Beaches 9

Now we need to get down to the real stuff, don’t leave the resort at night. We actually got this from security. This picture was taken by security, if you wanna leave do it in the day time. It can be dangerous, like anywhere you go. Ok so moving on how awesome is this beach, the sand is so warm under your feet. The ocean is so cool, and clear we saw starfish, and lots of colorful fish, even some jelly fish. This was all just a few feet deep in the water i couldn’t imagine the world we would see if we dove or snorkeled.

Beaches 5

The resort itself is just incredible. They offer diving lesson’s, free snorkeling adventures, restaurants galore. The BEST PART this little café of ice cream, cakes, sweets and its all included! Ok that was our favorite part, but the pool and beaches of course made it more awesome. They had tons of pools, and hot tubes that sit over the beach views are fabulous. Plus all the great restaurants (make reservations asap) they have Italian and Japanese, even one on the beach. Many, many more! They also have a photo service, which we used almost everyday. Example the photo above. Next lets talk about the water park in the middle of the resort, twisting lazy river, and lots of slides, and this giant bench where you can get soaked.

beaches 1Our next stop on this this Jamaican journey was a town called Ocho Rios. We had a full day planned so we had to get up early. We had a full day ahead, our first stop was Dolphin Cove. The original plan was to just swim with the dolphins, but we actually got the chance to upgrade for like twenty dollars more. So of COURSE we did. They even let us swim out together. It was really great.

Beaches 2

Now i know it looks like I’m just standing in shallow water but actually there is a dolphin throwing me out of the water in literally in at least twenty plus feet of water. It was incredible!  Now waiting and waiting for that dolphin to come get you, lol but once they start pushing you off it is so much fun! HIGHLY ,HIGHLY suggest it! You will not regret it.
Beaches 7

Next we got to play with the local wildlife, and iguanas! We were also aloud to play with stingrays, and sharks if you wanted. The tour also included lunch, they we headed over to Dunn’s River Falls. You literally climb it from the bottom to the top, you will need water shoes. You form a huge human chain, and begin to climb along the way to slide down natural water slides, play in the rushing water. Once you reach the top its a truly exhilarating feeling! Such accomplishment! Wish we had pictures we only have a DVD.

Beaches 6

I’d truly do it all over again. This was taken as we began to start our day of fun. Most defiantly try it out. It’s a adventure you won’t forget.

Beaches 4

So when you think Jamaica you think “No Problem” and yes they say that but if you really want to connect, they say “Ya Mon” a lot more. Trust me we made a lot of friends that showed us they way. This was our very last day, so many memories made. Tans will fade but memories last a life time.

beaches 8

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. I hope you have a great time and remember say Ya Mon I’m in Jamaica Mon!


Destination Labidee, Haiti!

Haiti 1

So when you think Haiti you think a lot of different things, don’t you go ahead be honest because I’m telling you so did I. We have visit this island twice now, and it is a tropical paradise. If you travel with Royal Caribbean you can visit their part of Haiti they own, which is where we are standing currently in this photo. I have not explored the full island but one day I would like too. Yes people here horrible stories, or that is a extremely poor country and let me tell you that’s ANYWHERE people. Not just Haiti, now if you went and volunteered there I would love to shake your hand I fully commend you. I wanted to so bad but I sadly due to family things could not, but I will tell you this the sun feels brighter their protect yourself. Also the beaches are a little rocky, but the views are all worth your while.

Haiti 2

For all my adventure seekers out their they have the biggest zip line I do believe in the entire Caribbean not promising but I’m fairly sure that’s what I was told. You go sailing through the trees and out over the ocean the views are so amazing even you are scared of heights it’s still worth it. Or if you want to be like us we beach bummed all day long and let me tell you it felt pretty good. But like I said that sun beats down and the water is fairly clear so it makes you more susceptible to a sunburn note my t-shirt I tan all over except my shoulders I don’t get it.

Haiti 3

Are you travel senses tingling yet?? It literally is one of the most tropical destinations I have been too. I have been to a lot of places lol but this is in the top twenty.

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Get out of here and go soak up the sun in Haiti!

Destination Anguilla!

Angulia 3

The next island I want to tell you about is a extremely small but beautiful island, I had personally never heard of it. But because the extremely unfortunate Hurricane Matthew that hit this island fell into our laps. We sailed in St. Maarten and took a boat over now for all my motion sickness people it is a bumpy ride because you are crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean side. But once you land on this island you will be in heaven tall palm trees all over and the crystal clear water with sun making it glimmer. Now I will tell you there are quite a few goats that live on the island, why I really don’t know but personally I think they are precious.

Angulia 2 Our adventure of the day was swimming in that gorgeous water, with some of Gods amazing creatures dolphins. Now I know what you are thinking if you read my Bahamas post I swam with their too, I’m sorry but they are my favorite sea creature haha but truthfully I was deep sea fishing one time and they came by I literally almost jumped in but that’s not the right thing to do (no matter how much I wanted too) but ok back to what we are talking about here! Yall not even joking the water is so clear that I so many colorful fish while just getting in the water. But if you are clumsy like myself the railings and walk-way is extremely slick so as you can imagine me vs the slick walk-way plus the waves I was all over the place. Quite entertaining really, so I just decided to swim the rest of the way which helped ALOT! Angulia 1

The adventure included a ride from the dolphin hanging on to their fins SO MUCH FUN! Lots of hugs and kisses and you even get to dance with them, they are truly so cute clearly I was overly excited. But see what I mean about that water, now your probably why in the world she babbling on about the water. Well I will tell you why because every SINGLE time I go or me and my friends go family whoever we get asked first question is the water really that clear? Like in the pictures you know? Yes I do know and usually it is but I have been places it has not been (those will be talked about in later posts) anyway you actually get to learn quite a lot about the dolphins. This adventure is worth every second.

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Have fun loving on the dolphins and petting the goats on Anguilla!

Destination Bahamas, Disney Dream!

bahamas 4

So are you a cruiser? Have you ever been a cruise? Remember how I said we were a Disney family we are also a cruising family, a lot of destinations I visit I arrive via cruise. Cruise’s are a great way of travel you see more places and they have all you can eat food, and the days you are not at port you can relax by the pool, or head to the spa, really any thing you want to do! My niece Sky this was her first cruise now she can’t get enough of them. So if you are thinking cruising with your little ones Disney Cruise line maybe the way to travel. Our destination on this cruise was the Bahamas Nassau Island and Disney’s Cast Away Cay!

bahamas 6Stop number one! We visited Atlantis Resort, it is truly amazing we stayed here quite often when I was child. But soon I realized their was more out there to see then just the clear blue water and palm tree’s not get me wrong if I’m going to pick a view it probably will be some where with palm trees. You feel me? Atlantis is amazing, with the giant water park in the middle of the resort and the dolphin cay by the beach. Now I’m a huge dolphin person I have swam with them multiple times. But this time was extra special you see Sky had never met a dolphin before so we did what they call a encounter. You are in about four feet of water and the dolphin will swim right up you can pet, kiss, hug, and it will do lots of tricks! Very exciting now if you are older and more advanced in swimming then I will recommend what I usually do which is the dolphin swim you get swim with them and they will give you a ride!

bahamas 1The next island adventure we got to embark on was called Cast A Way Cay, as you can tell we loved the Ocean! They have a huge water jungle gym that everyone can swim out to and play or just hang out so that’s where most of our day was spent. A day well spent in our opinion! They also had tons of lounge chairs for everyone to relax, and the warm sandy beaches to play and build sandcastles on. This island literally has something for everyone, and for all you marathon runners they have island runs which I’m not a runner but I would totally do that!

bahamas 3

I haven’t told you the best part this wonderful family became some very close friends during our cruise vacation! They we’re our next door neighbors and ended up becoming and still are some very close friends of ours. That’s another great thing about traveling all the great people you can meet and become friends with! It pays off having friends all over trust me I know! Of course my family says I would talk to a wall if I could which yea, that is pretty much me.

bahamas 5

Now as I have told you before and probably will again, we are a Disney and cruising family. So since we are on a Disney Cruise of course we had to hang with our friends, we got to see Olaf on the beach and sweet Stitch was directing people on and off the cruise. Another cool things was Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Daisy do a welcome aboard show and a good bye show. They also have a great meet and greet with all the characters and the restaurants have the coolest themes.  Disney cruises are a great family vacation

Bahamas 2

Last but certainly not least the last night you get to go this awesome party, it’s like Magic Kingdom fireworks, giant pool party, and pirate themed everything all in one. So you better not miss it, all the characters put on there pirate uniforms they put on a show. It’s a blast! So grab your pirate gear and get to that party!

Thanks for traveling to this party of the map with me. Enjoy sailing the Caribbean like a pirate.





Destination Grenada!

Ahh Grenada some of the best chocolate you will ever eat! Haha ok there’s a lot more to this island then that but seriously super delicious if you have a chance to try it please do! But ok enough about chocolate, we did a traditional island tour which we saw all sorts of great things like a waterfall, down town, and a rum factory which hey three bucks and you can taste all you want. I Even make a friend and his name was caption Jack, now typically I wouldn’t condone to this but he jumped on my shoulders before I could do anything.


Isn’t he adorable?! Please note he was on a leash and their was in his owner as you can see the arm extended. We also visited a local spice lady they all smelled so good they had so so many to choose from we sailed here so we couldn’t take any home. Then there was this magnificent waterfall and these people jumping off of them if you throw them a few dollars they do some tricks on the way down! But this island has been through so terrible things in life so they do a few rules they may stop your taxi or tour and check on you and they also have rules about certain things like camo now in the next photo you will see I did have on camo shoes which they didn’t say anything about but I didn’t want to push my luck. But they do respect America they have lots of painting and bill boards thanking us for helping them. It is a great island to visit and buy things to help them out. When I say buy things I mean like supporting local restaurants or purchasing souvenirs I am not one to push things because I can’t stand it when people do that me up in my face and I’m sure you feel the same. I would certainly add this island to your places to visit.

grenada 2

Thanks for visiting this part of the map with me. Enjoy exploring the Grenada!

Destination St. Lucia!

This island we also sailed too, but we spent on the perfect blue water and high above the tree tops! Our adventure began by sailing around the other side of the island so get closer to the volcanos and rain forest. Do I have your attention now? Are you a thrilling adventure seeker too? Even if you aren’t I would still recommend this it is a lot of fun!

st lucia 2

We travelled through six crazy lines, through the trees and over the water views were incredible. Now the type of zip line we did is one you slow yourself down don’t worry they give you special gloves to help you but they also catch you on the platform to officially stop you. Now story time I actually hit a tree total accident and it was not anybody’s fault but my own I mean I actually bounced off of it but you get you the idea. Haha and I do have to hand it to my friends they pulled me without laughing because I was not being intelligent when I hit the tree and made myself stop. Even though in all honestly it was extremely funny! But hey you get a great view of the volcano which was extremely cool to see! You defiantly knew when you were close the volcano would release a lot of Sulphur which you can smell from a mile away.

st lucia

Unfortunately this adventure took most of our day here and we didn’t get to explore the island in a little more depth. But ae did sail completely around it the ocean views, and the tropical lush were just beautiful so now matter what area of the island you visit you will have a great time. I would so suggest doing the zip line the view is worth every second.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Can’t wait to hear about the views you get to see while on St. Lucia!

Destination Antigua!


We sailed this beautiful island called Antigua anyone been? So anytime I visit somewhere new I like I try a different a experience and so this island has a vast amount of sea life. Clearly as you can see haha my face is because the string ray was getting scared it was not trying to hurt me and I most certainly would never hurt it. We also saw lots and lots of colorful fish, and if interested in doing this you must learn the string ray walk or shuffle rather. That way you can’t spoke them or step on them it’s a great method to help protect these creatures. Now yes this string ray’s had their barbs and I prefer it that way, I am all for adventures but I refuse to harm a animal. Also please wear the correct protective sunscreen that doesn’t harm the ocean or the sea life coral included! This adventure is so worth every second the string rays actually feel like rubber! So grab your snorkel and dive in the crystal blue water!

The island town is so very full of life, they have all sorts of great stores including one of my favorite brands which is called Salt Life. Also they have some great jewelry stores for all you gals that some great jewels at discount prices. Tons of great places to grab a bite or a brew and very easy walks if you sail in like we did! So if these things interest you add this lovely island to your list of places to explore.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me! Hope you love Antigua!