Destination Washington, D.C.

D.C is probably and hopefully one of the top places on your list. If it is not I hope this may bump it up on your list. As many of you know upon my return from your Europe trip I went home and packed my bags again, and set off the very next morning. Yes it sounds crazy but literally one of the most fun adventures I have had. We only had two days, so we hit the ground running. Literally starting at the Capitol on day one and ending at the Lincoln Memorial on day two. Now it is a lot of walking but ubers are also not that bad in pricing as well. D.C. is not only rich with history but also culture and we soaked up every second.

Washington DC 5So sadly because like I said we only had two days, we didn’t tour a lot of inside of places. But we did go inside a few Smithsonian’s, the National Archives, Ford Theatre, and the house where President Lincoln was declared official dead. Great story about that when we get to that part of the adventure. As you can clearly tell we began at the Capitol, yes the lines are clearly long but all the ones we ventured in moved fairly quickly. After exploring the Capitol we walked down past the library of Congress. Then went into the Air and Space Museum, it was amazing. We learned so much, and it was so interactive for your younger ones. I would highly recommend it.

Washington DC 6

The next stop was the big one that everyone thinks when D.C. is even brought up in a sentence. The White House, its cool to look at and we wanted so badly to go inside sadly we didn’t get to get the tickets in time. If you go in summer time they had a nice grassy area that provides great shade, and of course people watching is guaranteed. Now if you want people to think you went in, I do have a secret for you. Across the street there is a souvenir store if you spend like I can’t remember like 15 bucks they will send you around the corner. Where they have rebuilt the Oval Office and the press podium and the pictures don’t look that fake. I mean obviously you are not in there but hey it’s fun to take the cheesy photos.

The National Archives are also a must see. There are a lot of people but they actually make it easy for you to view all the documents in a timely manner without having to fight and trip over people. They line you up in rows of three then they let you go for about ten, fifteen minutes then they send in the next group. Now you need to watch for the engraved titles vs. the regulars (regulars are fake) engraved in the wall its the real documents. As our day winded down we ended our days events, with the Washington Monument. It was incredible to see up close. Most definitely worth a visit.

Day two: Woke up early to go tour the Ford Theatre. Tickets like most everything in D.C. are free but they will always take donations to help preserve the history. It is a great tour and they also talk to you as if you were there the night of horrible event that took place. They take you through there entire day the planning on John Wilkes Boothe part and unsuspecting on everyone else’s. It so scary to think to about how easily it did happen. Just awful to be truthful with you. You can’t physically go in the booth, but they do have a replica down stairs.

Washington DC 2

Next we went across the street to the house where it all quickly became apparent President Lincoln was indeed assassinated. Now you go through a time frame of the events then this is where the story gets interesting. We are the only people in this part of the house at the moment beside the security officer who was actually wasn’t paying anymore attention to us then we were to him. The room was cold as ice and the lights started flickering. Then as you look around you see a sign room where Lincoln was pronounced dead. It was creepy. We quickly continued the tour, and moved on to our next stop.

The Natural History Museum Smithsonian, it was so cool. Tons of animals and really cool exhibits I’d go again tomorrow. They do constant research to keep the people up to date with the latest information. In fact they had a few parts of the under the sea exhibit closed to get better information. I mean I think that stuff is cool. They also have one of the larger exhibits is all these animals. It is crazy to see them. It is amazing it’s like a huge zoo of knowledge.

Washington DC 4

Of course we had to get a picture with the Meg. Lol

Washington D.C 1

After that began our final adventure the National Monument Mall. It’s a bit of a hike but it is amazing. I can’t describe to you how cool it is. So definitely clear a good part of your day to see all of them. It is so hard to get a picture with Lincoln though. We had to fight for a spot and let me tell you there are tons of people that sit there on the stairs, in the middle of course. So watch out. But let me tell you the view across the pond of the Washington Monument reflecting on the water just gorgeous.

Washington DC 3

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. When you get to Washington D.C. vote for us.

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