Destination Sidmouth, England!

Sidmouth is literally the definition of a off the beaten path town, but it is one of the cutest towns. I have ever seen, mom and pop shops and if your a dog lover this place is for you. Its like full of sweet kind people and dogs I mean come on now you can’t go wrong with that. Yes it is a small coastal town but man it packs a punch of adventure. Its about three hours by train, and roughly forty five minutes by taxi from the train station. We travelled in from Paddington Train Station yes the train station with the cute little Paddington Bear, for those who are Paddington fans. After boarding the train, we traveled to Exiter St. Davids train station. Let me tell you its a much calmer train station then Paddington was. Paddington Station was a tad crazy, can’t say its like that every day but it was some issue with the train so of course we caught the crazy.

Sidmouth 2

Upon arrival from the we took this wonderful taxi service called Apple Taxi Service. I have been in my fair share of taxis and these people are so wonderful. HIGHLY recommend them, then we arrived at one the finest hotels I have stayed out. It’s called the Dukes Hotel and no its not the five star Maui Four Seasons, or Sandals resorts no its even better. These people will go to any length for you. They served as a hot breakfast cooked to order I might add. You have a menu not just a bar of choices they set out, and they give you a whole rack of toast as a appetizer. They also serve a lovely lunch and dinner selection. It is fabulous, the food is so good, and they are again so kind. We even had a tour back in London he gave me his personal phone to call and confirm. How may strangers do you know do that? The rooms are also bigger then your average hotel rooms. I’m not joking if you go already planning to go or this blog inspires you please stay here.

Sidmouth 3

So as I said earlier, its a lovely coastal town and yes the beach from this angle is rocky or as they said pebbles. Ha I know exactly what you are thinking but a lot people take a few “pebbles” and color them or leave inspiring messages and where they are from. It’s actually really cool. I love the idea, and I think its trending other places. But never did I think I would see it over seas. But isn’t it beautiful to stare out into. Further on down, it does get more beachy. But that water is like ice. But hey if you like stuff like that go for it, I can’t be doing all that.


Its so interesting to me to compare other places on beaches perspective, the sand texture and colors but again that water is like ice. But isn’t my munchkin just adorable. About 100 yards from where we are standing there is a walk way that leads around the corner to a bar craved up in the rock, and you have to climb up it’s called Jacobs Ladder. Pretty neat to check out, plus they also have ice cream up there. Come on now you can’t go wrong with that.


Now for the real reason we were in Sidmouth, this incredible woman right here. This is my best friends grandma, she’s one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She lives right here close to where this photo was taken. She walks around the town everyday, like when I get 92 I hope to be like that. She’s awesome. She took us all over Sidmouth, from eating at a local pub and wondering the town. We even got to play at a local play ground they had a zip line when I was a kid where was that at the park? Like come on now.

The town was simple but adorable, everything is locally owned. They have a homemade fudge store, toy stores, cute little boutiques. You name it you can probably find it. It’s awesome, words just don’t describe it. They also have this bus that carries all over including a donkey sanctuary. Sadly we didn’t get to go we didn’t have enough time but hey donkeys are so cute next time for sure. I love them.

Sidmouth 1

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Make sure you color a pebble in Sidmouth and write where you are from.

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