Destination Katakolon, Greece!

Our final stop in Greece, it is a adorable island but be for warned the taxis will rip you off. For a ten minute drive for us the cab driver wanted 100 euros just to go no telling what they wanted to get back. The town is adorable and its a bit of walk but well worth and then you can catch this train 6 euro a person. It goes to a gorgeous beach, vineyard and several other neat stops. So we shopped around and then caught the train out to the beach.

Katakolon 1

Train selfies you know, lol so this is the train great views continuous breeze and runs the same route all day. Well worth your euros, especially if you like adventures. We did the second stop which was the beach but the vineyard did look heavenly and the people that rode with us said it was great.

Katakolon 2

Yes they have huge rocks mostly through out the ocean and yes it was chilly but let me tell you, if you can get a ways out where the rocks are fewer and far less in between its like swimming in a aquarium. TONS of fish, crabs all sorts are hidden in these rocks which hey it you are in between the rocks with less likely predators will bother you. Ha that one though at least. But its a dark blue clear, so you will be able to see the rocks.

The island may be small but it sure does pack a punch of a adventure. Lots of little cafe’s and wifi if you get a drink. Beautiful clothing stores, and awesome nick knacks on every corner. If you arrive by cruise ship its about a half a mile walk, but you can rent scooters, forewheelers, even cars. But truthfully that train is really the best route. Cheap, stops at good places, and really friendly people.

Katakolon 3

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Watch along the water you will while walking around the sea creatures are everywhere in Katakolon!


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