Destination Mykonos, Greece!

Mykonos is like a dream, between the glassy blue water and all the yachts around the island to the views of the little white houses on the cliffs. Also quick and easy to get around once you get off your boat or fly in however you get there, take this boat called the water taxi. It takes you around the island and its like two to four euros depending on how far you want to go. Whether you are beach goer, or shopper, or just a explorer this island packs a punch ready for any adventurer you are.

Mykonos 4

So lets start with all the cool ally ways, that all lead over the island each one with its special twang. Best part!! Wind is constantly blowing through these ally ways creating a wonderful breeze while you wonder. But seriously look at the way to the water, oh my goodness! We did swim off a local beach which was wonderful, but again the pebbles hurt my feet. I’ll show you a picture as to what they look like.

Mykonos 1

While walking the shore line you see everything you imagined Greece to be. Clear waters, white houses on the cliff, and tons and tons of great smells feeling the air. Plus if you are a yacht person you will be in heaven. Seriously you just need to go sooner rather then later.

Mykonos 3

Don’t you just want to dive in? Can’t you just feel the cool refreshing water already?

Mykonos 5

As our afternoon began winding down, we decided to spend the rest of our afternoon swimming. As you can see these are the pebbles i was talking about. They are so beautiful to look at but man alive they hurt to step on. The water is so cool and refreshing but watch out for crabs they love hiding in the rocks. They will pinch haha not like a bad pinch or anything.

Mykonos 2

From my family to yours thanks for traveling to this part of the map with us. So get on your yacht do like we did and act like we own the place and get to Mykonos!

Author: kreadykrazytravels

Hey yall! I'm Jen small town girl traveling the big world follow me around the world! For current information on my travels follow me on Instagram at Jenkready7

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