Destination Santorini, Greece!

As many of you have been reading, I recently just came back from my third over seas trip. Many more to come! So as you probably also know we are a cruising family so we decided to tour Greece by boat, so we boarded the Royal Caribbean International (RCI) Jewel of the Seas. It was a blast! Stop number one was Santorini Greece, and if you don’t know my mom is currently fighting cancer. So she couldn’t do everything that she wanted to on this trip it hurt to watch but on the flip side we still had the best time making the memories we got to! Our day began with a afternoon arrival to Santorini now if you have a fear of heights proceed with caution. But if you are anything like my best friend, she faced her fears and loved every second of it.

Santorini 6

So you have a few ways of getting up the island one- bus, car, or ATV up a winding road (picture will come soon) two- cable car or three- walk up hill. Same options go for coming back down. We took a excursion to a black sand beach which as you can probably guess is made out of volcanic ash. Which yes it does get hot, but its not as bad as i thought it would be. But I would recommend maybe some water shoes, or sturdy sandals it not soft sand and the shore line is rocky.

Santorini 5 View from the bus almost to the top.

Santorini 4Here’s the view from our chair at the beach, there is a lovely local bar with restrooms, wifi and beach chairs if you eat or drink there. Which hey that’s a great deal. Plus the people were super friendly and they also had a cute little souvenir shop located next door.  So well priced and again every one was so nice.

Santorini 2

Now again this isn’t your soft sand beach day, right about here you will sink into all the little pebbles. Now I have tender feet so it took me a few minutes to get around but that’s me. But man isn’t it beautiful! The water is super cool blue clear like not the typical turquoise its more like deep blue jean but clear. Oh gosh it is so pretty, and the water felt cool and refreshing.

Santorini 1

After a fun filled day at the beach we got in line for the cable car, now it is long but it will move quickly. There were tons of adorable shops, and cold water along the way. Plus this beautiful view. Now getting to this spot is mostly up hill, so prepare yourself. The cable car is a beautiful view up or down. You should definitely ride it at least once while on Santorini.

Santorini 3

See what I mean about the sinking? Lol anyway thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me well us. Continue on our journey through Greece. See you from the top of Santorini!

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