Destination Universal Orlando, Florida!

So as the commercial says the older kid vacation, and yes it is! I’m still a Disney lover but yes Universal is so much fun. We rode almost every ride, and of course as you have probably read from my other blogs, I’m a legit Potter geek so of course most of our day spent in Harry Potter. So tips to the wise get the connecting park tickets so you can ride the Hogwarts express between parks. BEST MONEY YOU WILL SPEND AT THE PARK. It is a lot of walking, not even kidding then there it is ready to take you across and off your feet. Plus it has a few surprises in store.

Universal 5

We had three days of course three parks, so I’ll start with day one Universal Studios. Home of Simpsons, Diagon Ally, Jaws (pier), Mummy and much more. It will a jam packed day of fun. We started out with the Simpsons, air with caution I don’t get motion sickness but on some of the rides I actually came close. We ate a café of Jaw’s Pier which was pretty good. I would suggest if you don’t have lunch plans that’s where I would check because it’s all combos so drink, fries food all one price. Sadly they don’t have the Jaws ride anymore. I was very sad one of my favorite movies.

Universal 6

Here it is Diagon Ally! So Potter geeks tune in! They have everything from Ollivanders to Gringotts. Borgan and Burkes down Knockturn Ally. Make sure you know your spells, your wands will make you or break you through out the park. Also keep a close eye on the dragon, you never know if he will strike.

Universal 3.jpg

Volcano Bay day two. Pack your swim suit you will be wet within seconds. They have tons of rides, and the best part virtual line waiting. Check in with your wrist band and go lay out, swim, eat whatever. Then it beeps and you go get your spot in line. Sounds cool right. Again we rode almost everything, I’m going to tell you right now stairs upon stairs. We had to take several breaks, I mean its a climb. Sadly the Volcano ride was shut down so no to that but everything else. We took on like champs. I have to say check out the not so lazy river its so much fun. But where your life jacket you will get swept away quick.

Or you can work on your tan in the sandy beach area. Whatever you do, It will be a great day of fun in the sun. Make sure you rent a locker they may look small but you can get a lot in. But the cool news is make friends with your neighbors and watch out for each others seats that way you feel a little bit safer with what you don’t put in your locker. I mean come on now you will want photos. They take them but I prefer my own. Lol

Universal 2.jpg

So last day Isle of Adventure, despite our faces we were sad. YES before you even question the castle was AWESOME! Inside and out upon entering the section of the park you can choose Hogsmeade or Hogwarts. It legit feels like you are in the movie. It is so cool, but ok moving on the other parts of the park.


If you read Destination Hawaii, you also know I’m a Jurassic nerd. But Marvel land was also extremely cool. Plus Transformers and parades and so much just packed in. It is so much fun. Please just go, just go!! It is amazing! You are missing out, and oh yea did I mention the Minions. I stinking love Minions! There is a adventure waiting around every corner for any age.

Universal 4

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Whatever your movie is there is a adventure waiting for you to take in Universal, GO!



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