Destination Orange Beach, Alabama!

So for my Southern states followers, you may know this beach incredibly well. For all my around the world peeps I’m here to show you a great place to visit, relax, and the best part is this annual thing called Mullet Toss! Yes you actually through fish! Ha! It is insanely fun. So let me start by saying sorry its taken to weeks to get back to you all as most of you read in my last post I was leaving for Italy which then ventured into Greece and England but that blog is coming soon I promise. So here’s to Mullet Toss Adventures beginning or continuing for anybody.

So for any and all ages, big or small, strong work out everyday to people like me who are like I’ll go to the gym “tomorrow” this event is TONS of fun! So if you read my Egypt adventures you are update with me because I left for this trip two days after I returned home (yes jetlagged and all) but here’s one part I prayed most people wouldn’t notice I was sick as a dog upon returning. I had actually developed walking pneumonia. But three things gave me the strength A) It was my best friends birthday weekend and come on how do you celebrate without your best friend by your side? B) The best beaches were back together and C) I had made a promise to be there and by God I was.

Mullet Toss 3

Now if you read this and you are like ehh not for me that’s fine too because any other time you can relax next those turquoise waters and soak up the sun. Every visit I have made their we have stayed in one of the multiple Phoenix hotels and condos. Very nice, spacious, fairly cost effective and my personal favorite directly on the beach. Mullet Toss occurs every year around the last weekend of April.  These are my mullet toss crew. They introduced Becks and I to the fun.

Left to Right:

Me, Matt, Brandi, Becks, and Trevor.

But as you can see most every one puts up a tent or Ez-up and hangs out for the fun. They have three days of competition. One a day per age group then the finals of the day. You can win great prizes and for throwing hey you get a free t-shirt I mean come on now.

Mullet Toss 4

Flora-Bama. This bar is the staple to this entire thing. They are a bar located on the boarder of Alabama and Florida hence Flora-Bama. If you can get here early enough you can park at this bar for the weekend to hang out for the Mullet Toss or you can park at your condo and past that you are on your own. Be cautious and aware we saw tons getting towed last year. Like any bar they are open late with great bands that come sing and of course serve great drinks and food. To reserve your spot at Mullet Toss you must go through them, to purchase one day or all three or two or whatever your plan is. So from my point of view and suggestions from many others I would book early, its worth attending at least once in your life.

Mullet Toss

So being at the end of April the water is still pretty cold. But if you are like the best beaches and just want to have fun jump in for a swim. Its a great cool off to the hot sun and excitement of Mullet Toss action you also can get some great people watching in. Just saying. But clearly the best beaches love the beach and Mullet Toss.

Mullet Toss 2

Another good idea to attend is, if you can’t get a beach spot and have a boat or know people with a boat go ahead and pull up to shore. As you can clearly see behind us several did. It’s a great idea pull up swim in. Sounds pretty good to me. But lets also take a moment to take about this water and the clarity of it. Is it not just ahh! Freezing yes, but if you haven’t figured out I prefer to stay all day in the water. LITERALLY. Now I will warn you this clear of water does draw in wildlife such as string rays and jelly fish so just be on the lookout like you would any time anyway. Funny story about this picture I had actually stepped on a string ray right before it was taken. It quickly swam away and it was completely my fault it was a true accident. But some don’t see it as a accident so just be watchful they can and will sting if they feel threaten.

Mullet Toss 5

So next April if you have some time, head on down to Mullet Toss. You might even see me!

Thanks for travelling to this part of the map with me. Remember toss mullets not feelings in Orange Beach.


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