Exploration: The Nile sailing from Luxor to Aswan, Egypt.

Well if you read yesterday’s blog, then you saw at the end of it I stated I was boarding a boat to sail down the Nile. So since I leave for Italy tonight, I’m going to talk about my stops in this one blog. It was four day sail, located on the Sonnesta Star Goddess. I’ll take you through temples and Sphinx Ave, Valley of the Kings, and finally a real look at the Nile.

Stop number one, Karnak Temple a gorgeous huge incredible craved Temple. I can’t imagine what it looked like with out erosion or attempted to destroy it. It sits in the heart of Luxor, strong and tall. For each and every Pharaoh, King or Queen, Noble all have their story written in these walls.


As you see Sphinx’s on Sphinx’s align this temple we turned the camera around it was hundreds of Sphinx’s more still being uncovered. Protecting this Temple is a huge thing, like I said everyone’s story is written in these walls. So much history, so many stories. So incredible to look at in awe.

Luxor 3

King Tut is the only Mummy stilled laid to rest in his tomb that they are aware of. They we’re actually uncovering about six to eight more tombs, it’s incredible. I fully intend to go back and see what new they have uncovered. What treasures lay below, we did see King Tut’s body but you were aloud no pictures but I do have photos of the gold and riches that were found in the his tomb. Since he died at such a young age, they gave him a nobles spot seeing as they hadn’t finish his yet. It was amazing to me how much they packed into one a condensed area. Those will come from the Cairo Museum post.

Luxor 4

We got very lucky with this one and the next one I’m going to show you. This was inside on the Ramus descendants tomb. He had over ninety children and had them built tombs, along with his nobles and few servants. But lets just awe in detail and art work they put in these. The colors are incredible, considering how old it truly is. Just amazing.

Luxor 5

This was in the ceiling of one of the tombs. Amazing isn’t it. All their lives written in the tombs with them. To help them continue in the after life.

Luxor 6

Remember the Queen I told you about yesterday? Yea this is her tomb. Amazing isn’t it. Sadly a lot of her story was destroyed but her greedy step son. But still incredible to look at, and walk up to. If you are able to zoom in you will see the Great Warriors that still stand guard over her tomb to this day. They are still fully intact.

Luxor 7

Final stop of the day, these were literally just found days before we got here. This huge thing! Isn’t it incredible? I think so. Ps this our awesome tour guide!

Luxor 8

This is the Temple of Horus, yet another amazing temple telling stories thousands of years old. This temple held more battle scenes in lives before moving forward to the next life. As you can probably tell the cravings!

Luxor 9

Millions of pieces of history right here in between my hands, I just can’t imagine the things they got to witness, what they left for us to find.

Luxor 10

Our last temple of this day was the Temple of Sebek and Haroeris. This temple tells you about everyday lives, children being born or wives or family trees basically. Actually very cool.

Luxor 11

Views from the this temple wasn’t bad either. Just beautiful.

Luxor 12

Here is the Nile, Gorgeous to look at sad to think about every one throwing trash in it. Despite the rumors or the catchy phrases you hear, there are no more Nile Crocodiles and no more hippos are run out or killed. Luxor 13

Another Nile view. Moms particularly fond of this picture. The Nile is beautiful to admire.

Luxor 14

Our last day on the Nile ended in a sunset with a sail boat ride. Just fabulous, over looking the Valley of the Kings. Watching the waves slowly slip in and out quite peaceful really.

Well thanks for sailing down the part of the map with me. Never stop exploring all that the Nile has to offer.


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