Destination Boone, North Carolina!

Have you heard of Boone? Well I had always heard of it but never had all the up most desire to go. Until it was one my best friends birthday and we decided to get away for the weekend. The original plan was to go snow tubing and skiing, but sadly it was more hot then cold so we changed our plans and made it even more adventurous and memorable. So if I have already caught your attention, really consider it. If not keep reading the best is yet to come.

We were able to a huge mountain cabin for extremely cheap. Two stories, full kitchen and dinning room, down stairs bonus room and a hot tub. It was awesome and all for like three hundred dollars for the weekend. Now I will warn you the drive is steep, but like any steep thing it is worth more. The views were unbelievable. Pictures just do it justice.

Boone 7

Wake up and explore. Our first stop of the day was the local town called Blowing Rock. Adorable little town, so quant and little different places to grab a bite or take a stroll down the main strip. We ate the local Mellow Mushroom it was so cool inside, but very good great place to eat and plan the rest of your day. It may be a little country town, but sometimes they hold the best treasures of all.

Boone 6

Next part of our day climb Grandfather Mountain. One of the most popular mountain’s in North Carolina.

Boone 8

Pretty tall isn’t it? Yea we climbed all that! Ha just kidding not in jeans and jackets. Actually we did climb a portion of it but you drive up most of it. I know that’s cheating and if are a real mountain climber I completely have the upmost respect for you. Like I wish I could. It was the most amazing view I have ever seen. It is a treacherous climb but you can go as far as the top or stop closer to the bridge. Oh yea did I mention their is a hanging bridge? It is pretty awesome.

Boone 5

Told you! Even you have a extreme fear of heights, still try and go. I may be scary to look down but when you make it across you will be like oh my gosh I was scared but now I’m in aww. So despite it being hot up until this weekend we left, it was positivity freezing. Runny noses and cold chilly winds were not stopping us though. When adventure is on the line the elements add the spices of fun.

Boone 4

Helloooo from the mountain top! Yes we were freezing can’t you tell by my lovely Rudolph nose. But I didn’t care it was exhilarating! Since of accomplishment and adventure make you have all sorts of different feels. We ended up spending most of our day, here on the mountain. They have a lovely café, and several animal exhibits. Great for all ages to explore. But if their is snow on the ground please remember the golden rule don’t eat the yellow snow. We sat there and watched this angry child shovel it in his mouth. Wasn’t my child, wasn’t my place to say anything. So don’t get any ideas I’m that person. Lol

Sadly the next day was our last day before we headed home. So we decided to venture out and go the under ground caverns, not visited much but really cool. Please be respectful of the bats, they are getting woken up and even worse diseases from people being careless with them.  These caverns are naturally made, and are still expanding and growing. So they ask that you please don’t touch them, the oils from that body creates will stop the rock growth. It has a natural spring with fish, sometimes otters, and of course bats! Which I use to be scared of them but they are actually super cute. Of course from my previous blog postings you can tell I love wildlife. Also be mindful theirs this huge rock titled “Headache Rock” lets put it this way, I now understand why its called that.


Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Have fun becoming a mountain climber, cave crawling Boone goon!

Author: kreadykrazytravels

Hey yall! I'm Jen small town girl traveling the big world follow me around the world! For current information on my travels follow me on Instagram at Jenkready7

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