Destination Gatlinburg, Tennessee!

Remember how I said I was from a small town? Well Gatlinburg is about four hours from so we visit quite often. Its one of the most fun towns, to visit! Plus, Pigeon Forge and Seville are fun too! All right their jam packed with one another. It’s a good vacation no matter which season you plan to go. But be careful you never know when their will be a bear sighting they are so notorious for bears. Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall your family, friends, and all will have one of most treasured memories to return home with. This time we went that I’m going to show and talk about with you was over Christmas time. I have two best friends that are from England, and are pursing their dreams of being American Nannies so of course we invented them to spend Christmas with us as a whole family.

Gatlinberg 5Down town, tons of cute shops, and candy stores, mini golf, and little places to eat. One in particular which arrive EARLY and prepare to wait. It is called Pancake Pantry and oh my goodness some of the best pancakes you will ever eat and I mean EVER! They also hand make taffy for you to watch. You can visit the local candle store and dip a few candles or play mini golf and laser tag right on the strip. It is incredible all that is has to offer.

Gatlinberg 6

Another awesome part of Gatlinburg is you can stay on the strip or like we did rent a big mountain chalet. We choose this one in particular because we could have a tree. Tree’s are on my biggest things about Christmas. So of course we were going to have to have one. Now the mountain roads are tracheas and steep but like any climb once you are at the top it was all worth every second. Plus despite the fact you may be scary the views on the way up or down are gorgeous. Defiantly suggest trying to go in Fall at least once watching the leaves change to all the bright colors ugh so pretty.

Gatlinberg 4

Told you the views were worth every second. Lol so clearly since we were up on the mountain the only way back down was to ski so grab your gear and get going. HA totally joking. We actually did go skiing though so much fun. But we will get to that in a bit, this was actually taken of the kitchen balcony from our cabin. Fabulous isn’t it, especially when you get up early in the morning and the clouds are clearly and the sun has just risen. It’s like everything has stopped and stood still just for you to take it all in and view.

Gatlinberg .jpg

So if you are from the south you know that Gatlinburg went through a terrible, terrible devastation two years ago this December. Some young people thought it would be cute or funny to set a fire. What was a small flame to them, quickly elevated in to a huge out of control wild fire. Thus #GatlinburgStrong was formed. Many lives, homes, business were lost so many animals couldn’t escape the flames. They were so many heart breaking videos of them running out of the forests with burns. The smoke took over everything and caused just as much damage as the flames. Man wide searches were set for those who were on top of the mountain and couldn’t make it down. Their was actually a 911 call released and she said very calmly drive down the mountain as quick as you can don’t look back don’t stop just keep going. I hope to be as strong as not only those people in life, but to always be able to remain calm and continue to help others.

So many great people came forward and helped Gatlinburg at this time because for so many of us that was childhood, or a great family vacation. Memories that we will always hold. One in particular was a lady named Dolly Parton. This lady is beautiful inside and out and one our most treasured people of Tennessee. She matched thousands, donated to homes, businesses, held fundraisers, I mean she was and still is a true blessing from God.

Gatlinberg 8

So remember how I said all seasons are great to visit, and yes they still are. But me personally is winter with all the Christmas lights about it’s like taking a stroll through the North Pole. Every one shopping and buzzing about Christmas. Oh it is wonderful, we actually plan on attending again this year for Christmas I truly can’t wait. So back on the down town subject, they have a moon shine still for all my adults. They also have earthquake ride, and Ripley’s literally believe it or not.  Strolling through everything and just looking around like its a winter wonderland. So much fun!

Gatlinberg 7

One of my ultimate favorite stops of all time is Ripley’s Aquarium. I could spend all day and go back again. There is so much to do give yourself plenty time to get it all down. They have exciting exhibits each all from different regions of the world.  They have a huge shark tunnel and a glass bottom boat tour that goes over the top personally i like the tunnel i think seeing their world from below is so interesting. Also they have lots of cute photo opportunity’s and a giant jungle gym for the kids. Upon coming to the end they have a special room that will change out every so often this last time I went it Pearl Harbor themed. Which was super cool to compare because as you read we visited their last June. (See Destination Hawaii) but its very historically accurate, really cool.

Gatlinberg 3So back on the views if you don’t want to drive, you have other options you can hike, take a tram or sky lift. All three are great we in this particular day took the tram up to Ober where you ski. You pay for your lift passes/ski passes and they rent you boots and skis for free. I would suggest bringing your own ski clothes but you can also rent some there. They also offer free ski school which we took no shame. Lol for those who don’t need it they have everything from low to high runs and a few black diamonds to choose from. It’s a great, fun day or several days if it was up to me.

Gatlinberg 2

We only fell like once and skied like professionals lol ok maybe not that great but hey we did it. For me especially I’m the literal definition of clumsy. Lol

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Watch out for bears, they like your trash so my saying was ” you can have the trash that’s fine” have a great time in Gatlinburg.

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