Destination Star Fish Island, Belize!

Well good morning all, up a little earlier and saw a opportunity to type while sitting in this luxury balcony listening to the sound of the ocean which in turn is giving me some great inspiration for my next piece Belize!

Upon any travel to Belize you need to read any and all safety requirements because despite how much of a wet blanket I’m sounding one wrong turn, or wrong place can be pretty bad.  As you have already figured out, we were still on this cruise. Which cruise, resort, travel agent, whatever will advise you the same that I’m fixing too. Don’t drink the water, bottled only. Stay safe, be aware always take a guided tour if wishing to explore. Now I’m not saying it’s a bad country, but I’m also not saying its a country of gold either. Like ANY COUNTRY their are precautions.

So have you ever thought about visiting? Are you a diver or snorkeler? Well as you can tell I am. So my Belize exploration began at Star Fish Island. Home of Belize’s Great Barrier Reef (Yes like Sydney, Australia) clearly different fish though but non the less extremely colorful.  Please do the Reef a favor if this sparks a interest use the sunscreen that won’t harm the reef. I’m not some deranged activists for anything but it’s cool to preserve what we have.

Belize 3

Now on the journey to Starfish Island, as we Potter geeks say it will be a bumpy ride mon. For some like me doesn’t bother me I have grown up on the lake, cruise ships, and clearly I prefer to be by the water. But for my mom here due to cancer treatment it was tough for her. So just be aware, they offer assistance but hopefully you will not need it. So of course the day we get their to see the reef and the Blue Hole which OH MY GOSH! Get back to that, the water was so choppy, it was terrible which for poor mom didn’t help. But see it made it worth while. Picture above they have conchs EVERY WHERE! Please don’t take them home they are something’s home. But seriously pretty cool to pick up and take photos with. Mom didn’t get that memo.

For snorkeling they offer three different choices, Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. Seeing as mom wasn’t feeling fantastic we did beginners so she could take it nice and slow. The down part of the beginners was that almost everyone on the island chose the same which even though its a huge ocean we felt so crowded flippers flopping all over and the tour guides having to yell over side talkers. But we saw what we came to see, which was a abundance of colorful fish and string rays. We even saw a Eel. Then we got to the deepest part of the tour still amazing, still tons of color. But to this very day I still don’t know why the tour guide said this. ” We are in about fifty feet of water, nobody panic but there is about three sharks underneath us so look down.” Yes it was cool, but at the same time like I said A LOT of people that were now panicking. Creating more chaos then anything. Now granted they were nurse sharks and we were in there territory that is theirs. No they didn’t bother us if anything we bothered them. Ok so I have saved a personal experience that I truly hope doesn’t happened to any of you. I got stung by jelly fish twenty eight times. No lie or exaggeration. They are called Moon Jelly Fish they are hard to see being completely clear. It does hurt but not as bad as other jelly stings. It will sting, whelp, and go down the next day.

Belize 2

So you know how I talked about side talkers on the tour maybe one of them was me but I’m sorry  I was making a friend. Whom we now talk on our shell phones quite often to keep in touch. So despite the bad there is always a good.

So the Blue Hole, we only saw part of it, It is truly better seen by air, but dang was it one of the coolest things I have seen. It’s like God created this own little part of life for nobody to mess with. Just to view in aw or amazement. Sadly because I saw it from the boat I couldn’t get a proper picture.

Belize 4

As our day winded down I had this picture taken to remind us, that not everything is about laying out or catching the rays (which I do a lot) but to explore what you can while you can. Because so many things are being harmed and this Reef and Blue Hole can only take so much. Also I want to talk to you about if you are a land tour person (also me) they have this train called The Conch Train. Hop on Hop off type train. It is very cool, also if you are looking for a good lunch consider the local restaurant the Wet Lizard. It was incredible good. My grandmother bought me food from her plate from their and she also recommends it.


Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. I hope you have a unbelizeable good time exploring!

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Hey yall! I'm Jen small town girl traveling the big world follow me around the world! For current information on my travels follow me on Instagram at Jenkready7

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