Destination Cozumel, Mexico!

Mexico, Mexico, Mexico! I freaking love this part of Mexico literally been here a multitude of times! It may be a small island but as I have also small things are jammed pack with fun. I have snorkeled, swam with the dolphins, and most recently we did a ruins tour. I would recommend ANYTHING you possibly can do. It’s a beautiful lush island. No matter what you pick you won’t just leave with tans or full stomachs you will leave with memories and adventures.

So I have visited this island three times but sadly it was before camera phones were a thing and it was all about digital cameras. So sorry I won’t have photos from previous visits but I’ll defiantly share my experience with you. So Numbro uno we swam with the dolphins ha go figure with me right? I’m all about those dolphins. Anyways the dolphin swim or encounter is worth checking out. It’s located at a place called Dolphin Cay. Which is a extremely popular place around the Caribbean and Central America. Definitely safe and secure and for those of you travelling with you ins don’t worry we took my step sister when she was like three.

Numbro dos, we snorkeled. Again completely safe, and it actually has a underwater museum you snorkel over. For you dare devils you can swim down by the statues and get your photo taken it’s very cool. Also I do believe it has been featured in National Geographic a few times. Which hey who doesn’t want to say yea I did that while watching tv with some friends. Also depending on the time of year you can also join in the great migration swim of the whale sharks. Now I know exactly what your eyes are doing they are huge and your thinking um no sharks. Yea I feel you but at the same time they are harmless. They eat shrimp and krill, and if you follow the instructors instructions which I believe the main one is stay ten feet at least from them you will be fine! Try it out! I know that’s what I’m going to do next time we have always seem to time it just right that we miss them by just a few days as they have already pasted.

Numbro trace, so exciting part now I will include photos about my most recent adventure to this island. We did a dune buggy tour to the ruins and a beautiful beach. A little different from my water activities but hey a adventure is a adventure waiting for you mold it and make it all your own.


So remember how I told you in the last two we were on a cruise? Well here it is from this view and look at that water. Here’s a secret about I’d say ehh noonish on a sunny day the water sparkles like a thousand diamonds are gleaming off the sun. I couldn’t imagine seeing something else try to compare, I’d say its in my top twenty of scenes. Literally it’s so gorgeous, so pull up a chair and sit for a while.

Cozumel 6

If you are not a see person which some are some aren’t and hey that’s cool, I would suggest checking out the lush jungle or soaking up the sun on the beach. Like I said take a adventure make it your own. This just so happened to be our first stop, and it was fabulous a lovely beach and restaurant. Or hike down to the crystal water or be like me and hang out under the palms. Please don’t ask why but I have always had a thing about palm trees, I find them elegant and graceful but I also find them different like myself. I like to be strong and grow. But also have my sweet spots like the coconut and branch out to my full potential . I don’t know that’s just how I look at.

Cozumel 3

So of course I’m a water bug and went down to the water. But seriously I don’t know about yall but I could wake up to this view everyday. Just breathe taking, another thing I like to live by is life’s not about how many breathes you take but just how many take your breathes away.

Cozumel 5

So I know a lot of you are all about the bar scene I get it, I have plenty of friends that do too. So this picture was actually take at a bar and you sip and swing while listening to the ocean crash on the shore below. Very relaxing or at least we thought so. I’m use to swim up bars but this one was defiantly different. Pretty cool actually.

Cozumel 7Last stop for the day, the ancient ruins. They are so cool, I literally LOVE history. Now I will tell you no matter how good of climber you know you are they are still very confusing how those people marched up and down ill never know. But it was amazing to see how they lived their lives. Yes they did sacrifice peopleĀ  but clearly we have evolved in to not doing that. Or at least I hope you have. Ha kidding.

Cozumel 2.jpg

Have your travel jitters going yet? I know mine are. So get out, make a adventure see Cozumel through your own eyes like we have.

Author: kreadykrazytravels

Hey yall! I'm Jen small town girl traveling the big world follow me around the world! For current information on my travels follow me on Instagram at Jenkready7

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