Destination Key West, Florida!

Story time about Key West, so get comfy along this will be a short blog it will be a interesting story. So in my previous blog I mentioned we were boarding a ship the Rhapsody (see Destination Tampa Bay) well because something went wrong somewhere our entire cruise ship schedule get messed up. So what was suppose to be a full day of snorkeling Key West’s gorgeous reefs. Well we actually ended up only being in Key West for three hours. I was pretty mad I actually wanted a photo with the Mile Zero sign so I will be returning at some point in time. So we rode a train, a uber, walked, and ate and that was it.

Key West 1

So when you think Key West, you may also think Mile Zero, Florida Keys, and to be perfect honest some people aren’t even aware that it is part of Florida. Despite the fact on half sits in the Gulf of Mexico, and the other in the Caribbean and one of the islands boarders the Atlantic. So I feel you it does get confusing. So photo above was the train ride it was called the Conch Train. It actually takes you to all the great places like Hemmingway and Sloppy Joes but since the screw up they kindly drove the passengers to and from the boat. But the town was so cool you can literally walk almost everywhere which brings us to the Uber. So since we had literally no time we decided to do the one thing that most everyone does go to the famous Sloppy Joes Key West. Food was awesome we even got souvenir t-shirts. So we hailed this wonderful Uber driver, to carry us to the is place because we had never been here we didn’t know. Yall it was the next street corner and that wonderful man didn’t even charge us. Like how sweet was that?! Thank goodness we had some cash because we left a good tip.

Key west 2

So no we didn’t get to explore like we had hoped or snorkel which I heard it’s incredible by the way. Have you been? Write in to me. Please, help a sister out. We made great memories just had to be rushed.

Key west

May not have gotten our way but the very ending was incredible this view was breathe taking sadly this picture or any pictures for that matter won’t do it justice.

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. I hope you make it to the Mile Zero sign while in Key West.

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Hey yall! I'm Jen small town girl traveling the big world follow me around the world! For current information on my travels follow me on Instagram at Jenkready7

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