Destination Houston, Texas!

Houston 6

Wonderful Houston, almost destroyed by a horrible hurricane last year. But well get to that later, my journey to Houston was for two reason this time. Two Septembers ago my mom was diagnosed with the return of her cancer expect this time it was in her breast and lymph nodes. It continued to get worse no matter what we did. So our options had to be expanded, which led us to M.D Anderson for at least a few answers. I got lucky enough one of my best friends and two of our really good friends decided to join my journey. So of course we decided to explore.

Houston 8

First of our explorations, was a historic ranch which takes you back in time starting with the pioneer stage all the way through the late 1900 hundreds. This is a two room log cabin with a walkway in between to create a wind tunnel per say. They lived with what they could on the land, such as deer or long horns. Back then you could buy fifteen to twenty acres for nothing. So that’s what they did and now they were able to preserve these homes for the public to view. Cool isn’t it? Ok I’m a history nerd lol.

Houston 7

As our tour continued we saw how the homes changed over time. It is very interesting when you look it from a different perspective you can listen or think all day but it’s only a image your mind creates. But when you see it for real its like a total different view or idea. Gave me a whole new respect for these people. Lets be real here i felt right at home when they picked us up on a tractor and took us from home to home. Like I said in the beginning of all this I’m a small town girl.

We also got view the local wildlife and a cattle round up. My best friend had never seen a true cattle round up it was great to share that with her. Alligators were located in a over flooded creek from the hurricane, that had hit Houston a few weeks before we came down. But like a handful of people when they think Texas, ranches, cattle, and lets be real as Texas says themselves “Everything is bigger in Texas” and yes on quite a few things that is true.

Houston 2

The next day we explored down town Houston, we ate a local food market it was fabulous food. They also had a wonderful Art Festival, so if you are around Houston in the first week on November go check it out. All the different types are really cool, they also  a large lake located in the center that you can take kayaks out on. Sadly the Hurricane Harvey damaged a lot of downtown. But what was amazing to me was the fact that these innocent people get themselves back up and kept going. Truly amazing people I hope that if i was ever in that situation I can be as strong as those people.


Our next stop was the Houston Aquarium, and for one price you can do several activities including a train ride through the shark tunnel, a few rides, and the White Tiger Exhibit. So of course we had to selfie it up with the white tiger.

Another awesome thing about Houston is there baseball team, the Houston Astros who actually won the world championship last year. But I think the best thing we saw in Houston was the Houston Strong sign. So many communities came and helped this city out. This Hurricane became stronger over night before making contact with them they didn’t have much warning.  A good portion of their town, homes, buildings gone over night. So many sea creatures escaped the aquarium and some many innocent lives of people and animals lost.

Houston 4We also had the pleasure to meeting this man while in Houston. Billy Joel his church was gigantic. I do mean HUGE, but hey my best friend came to support me and she wanted to meet this man and it was the least I could do.

Houston 3 But the most amazing part of the whole trip was, seeing the sign that was given as a gift that quickly became huge. It was incredible I mean it you can hear about it on the news, but once you see the damage and the kindness that others showed. Together we stand, and together we help those in need to become one.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Enjoy exploring all Houston has to offer their partner.

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Hey yall! I'm Jen small town girl traveling the big world follow me around the world! For current information on my travels follow me on Instagram at Jenkready7

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