Destination Beaches Negril, Jamaica!

Beaches 3

Do you dream of all inclusive resorts, with drinks by the pool and roaring waves of crystal clear water, palm trees all over. Well I’m here to tell you they do exist, you can go, and if you choose to stay their forever well who can blame you. We wound up in this beautiful place, by accident! Now i know what your thinking, accident? NO! But yes actually we were suppose to be in Turks and Caicos Bahamas, but sadly Hurricane Irma hit and wiped out the entire island. Amongst many others, so incredibly sad really. Thankfully I had two great things on my side, prayers and great travel agent, who got us transferred and a better room for free! YOU HEARD ME! I got most of money back expect for the plane tickets but that was ok and I got to visit this island with my two beaches! You see, we are the three beaches. We love the beach and most every time we get together we are nine out of ten times headed to the beach. Thus the Beaches were born.

Beaches 10

So Negril is located about two hours away from Montego Bay, but here’s one to the cool parts Beaches is their at the airport to meet you and carry you on to your destination. Beaches is a part of Sandals, so family or honeymooners, or getaways all are welcome. In our case our annual girls trip. The resort is like a dream, palm trees all over and warm sand. Five star meals all included and your swim up bars, and of course buffets everywhere you look. Have you ready and packed to head out? Stay tuned it gets better. Our first night we went a little wild and did good old karaoke. Grease will truly never be the same, and we of course hung out on the beach.

Beaches 9

Now we need to get down to the real stuff, don’t leave the resort at night. We actually got this from security. This picture was taken by security, if you wanna leave do it in the day time. It can be dangerous, like anywhere you go. Ok so moving on how awesome is this beach, the sand is so warm under your feet. The ocean is so cool, and clear we saw starfish, and lots of colorful fish, even some jelly fish. This was all just a few feet deep in the water i couldn’t imagine the world we would see if we dove or snorkeled.

Beaches 5

The resort itself is just incredible. They offer diving lesson’s, free snorkeling adventures, restaurants galore. The BEST PART this little café of ice cream, cakes, sweets and its all included! Ok that was our favorite part, but the pool and beaches of course made it more awesome. They had tons of pools, and hot tubes that sit over the beach views are fabulous. Plus all the great restaurants (make reservations asap) they have Italian and Japanese, even one on the beach. Many, many more! They also have a photo service, which we used almost everyday. Example the photo above. Next lets talk about the water park in the middle of the resort, twisting lazy river, and lots of slides, and this giant bench where you can get soaked.

beaches 1Our next stop on this this Jamaican journey was a town called Ocho Rios. We had a full day planned so we had to get up early. We had a full day ahead, our first stop was Dolphin Cove. The original plan was to just swim with the dolphins, but we actually got the chance to upgrade for like twenty dollars more. So of COURSE we did. They even let us swim out together. It was really great.

Beaches 2

Now i know it looks like I’m just standing in shallow water but actually there is a dolphin throwing me out of the water in literally in at least twenty plus feet of water. It was incredible!  Now waiting and waiting for that dolphin to come get you, lol but once they start pushing you off it is so much fun! HIGHLY ,HIGHLY suggest it! You will not regret it.
Beaches 7

Next we got to play with the local wildlife, and iguanas! We were also aloud to play with stingrays, and sharks if you wanted. The tour also included lunch, they we headed over to Dunn’s River Falls. You literally climb it from the bottom to the top, you will need water shoes. You form a huge human chain, and begin to climb along the way to slide down natural water slides, play in the rushing water. Once you reach the top its a truly exhilarating feeling! Such accomplishment! Wish we had pictures we only have a DVD.

Beaches 6

I’d truly do it all over again. This was taken as we began to start our day of fun. Most defiantly try it out. It’s a adventure you won’t forget.

Beaches 4

So when you think Jamaica you think “No Problem” and yes they say that but if you really want to connect, they say “Ya Mon” a lot more. Trust me we made a lot of friends that showed us they way. This was our very last day, so many memories made. Tans will fade but memories last a life time.

beaches 8

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. I hope you have a great time and remember say Ya Mon I’m in Jamaica Mon!


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