Destination Grand Canyon, Arizona!

Well before we start the Grand Canyon is not a town in Arizona, but its four rims are located different places. I have visited the North Rim when i was in eighth grade and the West Rim which will be the photos you will view today. We ended being adventurous ha go figure, and taking a helicopter through the Grand Canyon. Definitely worth doing.

Grand Canyon 3

Our journey began back in Vegas, we rented a car and headed to the Canyon. They have several activities to do on this Rim (West Rim). We drove so we could make pit stops on along the way, and the views were so addicting I don’t know how we made ourselves leave. I would highly suggest if you can drive, and for those who want to tour a great deal of America i would suggest Route 66. I have not done all of it but I plan to in years to come.

Grand Canyon 8

You can see things that God intended to be seen with your eyes, and feels so good to your soul. I will go ahead a tell you these pictures will not do it full justice you need to add the Grand Canyon to your list. Also it is one of the natural wonders of the world.  The road in is just stunning filled with stops just like this. Makes for a great trip.

The Grand Canyon West Tours are run by a wonderful tribe called Hualapai. This is part of their native land, and we should respect as such. This pictures above are from the helicopter ride in. Whether you hike, or see it like this no in any moments will you regret coming and looking over into the vast wonders that lay below you. The helicopter tour i think is like ten minutes or so but you see so much that it is worth every second. Ask you pilot about anything you see that sparks your curiosity. They will gladly answer, it is so wonderful. I want to back and back in again to gaze on this.

Grand Canyon 4

They made us new tour guides ha just kidding. While there you have several other activities that they will include, seeing the natives in their homes, visiting there markets, and one of the best parts a glass bridge stretched out over a piece of the Grand Canyon. It will be hot, and you will sweat but worth every single second.

Grand Canyon

Suspended high above the Grand Canyon you will see the magnificent wonder from all angles. They will make you cover your shoes to help preserve to keep it around for a long, long time! There is also lots of photographers that will have great pictures ideas as you can clearly see. In this particular photo we about I’d say roughly eighty feet above and I know what some of you are thinking I can’t do heights, but bit your lip, face your fear you won’t want to miss out. It makes a giant circle around bringing you the sights of that aren’t heard of it but a beautiful to lavish in.

Grand Canyon 2

Last stop of the tour I swear lol, seeing all the great things but one of the coolest is Eagle Rock. With a round head and rock stretched out like the Eagles wings. Can you find it? It is beautiful ah the Grand Canyon. Truth in beauty, from any spot.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Can’t wait to hear about you exploring the Grand Canyon and discovering all it has to offer.

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