Destination Niagara Falls, Canada!

Nigera falls 7

Niagara Falls, A water fall so big it sits between the state of New York and the country of Canada. It was such a amazing view and it is also one of the wonders of the world. We went the bottom to the top, to the very tip top over looking the magnificent view. If Niagara Falls isn’t on your list i hope you consider putting it on your bucket list.

You this adventure we took was probably one the craziest yet. Our journey began with this huge storm, and our flight got super delayed but that was ok because we made these great new friends whom we have grown incredible close with. So when our flight was finally ready to go it was late like almost midnight late. So we had hired a private driver whim i am incredible thankful for he took us through McDonald’s at like one something am. He was so kind. Then we finally made it to our final final destination. Our accommodations we’re wonderful we stayed at the Marriot in Niagara Falls, in Ontario Canada. My luggage was lost due to the delays but i was tired i didn’t care at the moment, the next morning we had a all day tour of beautiful Niagara Falls.

Nigera falls 9

So because my luggage was lost i was dressed as a tourist of all tourist, i wore the Niagara Falls shirt all tour long! Lol but the memories we made were so worth it! Our tour started with the bridge behind us it stretches across from Canada to New York or New York to Canada depends on which side you are standing on. You can’t fully cross the bridge with out a passport, it was so cool.

Nigera falls 5

The next part of our adventure, was the famous Maid of the Mist. It is so cold, but it is so great and the views are amazing.

Nigera falls 8

See what I mean? So when you visit Niagara Falls, you have two choices you can go the Maid of the Mist (New York side) or the Canadian Horn Blower (Canada side) and since our tour began on New York’s side. We rode in on the Maid of the Mist. It gets as close as it can to both sides, so fun fact about the sides Canada’s is smooth and the U.S is rocky and jagged. Now you will get wet and possibly soaked, its very cold but we went in August so it felt fairly cool for a hot day.

Nigera falls 6

Better picture of the jagged and rocky side, but still the beauty. Our next stop was high above on down the river, where the natural whirl pools stir. They are so cool to pier down on, we didn’t get to ride across them with lack of time, but their is a tram directly across, if you a brave risk taker it has you written all over it. Then we headed back to the Falls where we sat on the very edge.

Nigera falls 4

It’s called Horseshoe Bend, now i know you have heard rumors and yes some people have survived going on the falls. But i can assure you when they did it was on the Canada side. So we thought we’d take our chances! Ha I’m totally kidding, we actually got away with the picture but we shouldn’t have with a only this small fence and few bushes to separate us from rushing water. But the view from up here almost just as cool from down below. Some one was even getting married on this section of rock that sits in between called Goat island.

Our final stop was the Tower, and on clear days you can see as far as Toronto which is roughly ninety miles.

Nigera falls 3

Get up to the top and go out but i tell you now the wind is crazy! But hey possible tornado winds for this SO WORTH IT. After exploring this tower our tour was over, but all the great things we saw along the way we were sad it was over but we were so exhausted from the night before and all day we slightly grateful it was over. So back to the hotel we went where my luggage was thankfully! Ha! So we changed and shower and headed out for the night, you see Niagara Falls lights up so many wonderful colors at night like the Eiffel Tower it’s beautiful day and night.

Nigera falls 2The town was adorable. Tons of tiny shops and places to play games. Kind of like a carnival but with out all the corky rides. The next day we had plenty of time until our plane so we went to one of our favorite restaurants and ate, and to the movies. No not typical things you do on vacation but it was great chill time for us. From the two jam pack adventure days prior.  So no matter what you do while their just have fun doing it.

Nigera falls

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with. See you on the other side of Niagara Falls, make sure you bring dry clothes!

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