Destination, Hawaii!

Hawaii 1

Hawaii I know that is on a ton of lists, it is all what people say it is! Our journey began flying to Honolulu and stayed our first in night in Waikiki beach. It is unreal to say the least its like something I had never seen before. This trip was filled to the brim with adventure so try and keep up haha I’m going to break it all down between islands. We were the term literally island hoping.

Hawaii 19This is the view from the plane and I was jittering with excitement one of my biggest adventures yet was about to unfold.

When we got off the plane we we’re greeted with these beautiful lei’s then we got in our taxi and headed to our first stop. The amazing Waikiki beach. So many shells and lots of cool lava rocks to stand on, it felt weird under my feet but yet so cool. Now before you get excited cough* cough* me don’t take a lava rock according to the Hawaiians it will curse you. I am not really taking any chances! That night we explored the town, tons of fun little places to look around in.

Hawaii 16

That next day we boarded a boat called the Pride of America by Norwegian Cruise line. It takes you to all the islands to me its a great way to see all of Hawaii to me cruising is truly the way to go because you see so many places.  Our first day on the ship we hung by the pool and soaked up some rays.

Hawaii 15

First stop Maui! First place the beach, ok the sand feels like velvet. Water is like naturally cool, and its just incredible with all the lava rock formations. So we spent the day sunning on the beach soaking up all the rays we could get. Then back to the ship to get dressed for our authentic luau it was so cool. We were greeted with lei’s and drinks then it was time to watch them cook, yall they actually roasted a pig they dug a pit and wrapped in leaves while cooking. Next we all sat down to eat dinner, after a delicious dinner, we got to watch a fabulous show. How they shake their hips like that I will never know but it was great watch. Maui is so such a lush island I would go back in a heart beat. Also if you have time to down the road to Hana we have heard it is truly incredible.
Hawaii 14

We were fortunate enough to stay to get a extra day to explore Maui, and we went explored Paia stunning beach and adorable town. But as you can tell we are about exploring, and we found this awesome spot it had a world war two bunker, and this great little pool of water surrounded by lava rocks. We even saw the cutest sea turtle, now I have to tell you we did have a little more of a adventure then we let on. About hundred yards I guess maybe people just do their own thing I’m not really sure. But either way it was a nude beach and no we did not partake but it was interesting seeing I had never seen one before and that’s fine. I did and now I have seen it all. Just needed to warn you if that’s your thing I’m all happy for you, we are not lol.

Hawaii 13.jpg

Our next stop Hilo the big island and yes pick your jaw up we are standing yards away from a very active volcano. It was incredible, we got to walk around then headed to a volcano winery everything was made fresh. Ah it was so amazing, and tasted so good and they had a free wine tasting but since my niece was clearly a little under age I sat with her and told her about the volcano. Did you know its beyond cheap to live in Hawaii if you live in a volcano zone that is. So if you want to live on legit wild side go for it! That gorgeous island is waiting. Our next adventure on the island was in a helicopter so we could go over the volcano and seeing where it went into the ocean and where the lava had harden. SO COOL!

Left photo us crossing the barrier to get closer to the volcano, right is the rim with the lava spewing from the helicopter. It was truly a incredible day especially since the lava was going. Over all I think Hilo/Kona (Make up the big island) was my favorite island. It has so much to offer and wait until you read about Kona you will fall in love just like we did.

Hawaii 10

KONA! Water so blue you would swear you were in the Caribbean, I have never in my life seen so many colorful fish, as you can probably guess by the photo we went snorkeling. We were not a loud to wear sunscreen, it would hurt the coral. We saw caves made entirely of hardened lava, we even saw a shark. It was a amazing sight, and mom got so scared of the eels she jumped back in the boat. Yall we would put money on it we even saw a whale! The dolphins we also so playful they came right up to the boat and as we were sailing away they all jumped in the waves. It was like the end of great movie or something it was so surreal.

Hawaii 9 Our last island, was Kauai where Jurassic Park and World was filmed. As you can tell by these photos we a little dirty, they make you change clothes and put on bandanas because face it you get so dirty its crazy. You get to tour all the cool movie scenes and then you stop for snacks and to take a dip in the waterfall. They even let you jump off it, it’s so much fun! And that water fells so good after sweating all day and getting dirty. But gotta warn you that’s only your tour you get just as dirty on the second half lol this tour company is the real deal though they are really cool. Id highly suggest trying it out.

On our last night on the cruise, we got to pass one of the most beautiful things in the entire world. Even National Geographic put it in the top fifty sites to see. It’s called the Na’Pali coast, it is literally one of the greatest things to see. No matter what your interests are in travel this will have you drooling for more it is amazing. Words and pictures just don’t do it justice, please go and see it for yourself.

Hawaii 5The next day was one of finally ones we got to spend it at Aulani Disney, breathe taking resort. So we felt we should watch a Hawaiian sunset with no distractions and it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

Hawaii 4


Hawaii 6

Aulani is filled with great adventures, my niece and my sister are huge stitch fans so it was kind of a must to stop there. They have a huge water park built in the middle and this wonderful infinity pool over looking the ocean views for days. Hawaii is literally a dream that came true when you get off that plane or that boat. No matter how many words I use to describe it won’t do it any justice.

Hawaii 3

You can guess where the literally last stop was on the way to the airport we got to tour Pearl Harbor fun fact about me I share a birthday with this holiday. Yea I kept that part to myself, haha. We toured it all the U.S Arizona and the U.S.S Missouri. Please yall go check it out worth every single second. We were even blessed to meet one of the survivors from this day what a honor that was!! We also got to tour the punch bowl which is the cemetery which was so beautiful and so taken care of. The tragedy of this all but the history that lives here is unforgettable. The U.S Arizona Memorial was built like a odd shaped “U” because we stood strong then got attacked and we were down but we got back up and showed them a thing or too. Made me proud to be American.

Hawaii 2

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Have fun island hopping and don’t forget to hang ten while visiting Hawaii.


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