Destination Las, Vegas, Nevada!

orVegas 2

Vegas Baby!! Ok so we didn’t hit the jack pot on money but we did on memories now this was my second time to Vegas first time was a bachelorette party but the second time I got to see all of Vegas. One of your first and fun stops should be the sign, taking a picture in front of the sign is like a Vegas must. Now you had two options if you rented a car or you are close to the sign go get your pictures, if not and you are taking ubers all over that’s fine too! Get them to stop on the way to the airport it’s on the way or how ever you are leaving Vegas it’s on the way out. Also bring you a few ones sometimes their is a Elvis impersonator, photographers there to take your photos. Tip fairly good and they will get you more pictures and take it from me your flash doesn’t work well with the sign lite up at night.


So no matter where you stay Vegas has all these crazy hotels my personal favorite Luxor. But out west and in the dessert its hot so definitely schedule you some pool time to cool off and catch some rays. Besides all the fun happens at night anyway, whether you are a looker or gambler it’s fun. I love seeing inside of all the other casinos but I do like to dabble in the occasional slot machine. Now also look for your hotel specials like these cups you can get so many refills for however much, or all you can eat buffets. That way you can save more money to have fun. Vegas 4

So when you think Vegas you think night life, alcohol, and gambling and yes we did all three. But if you are like me and you like to explore I went in each casino and see how different they are, its like each one is a different world. New York, New York and Paris or Rio so many great ones to explore each one having a different thing to offer. Now people watching is going to be off the chain literally their is absolutely no telling what you will see fair warning. Ha so don’t come back and say I didn’t! Vegas 3

Now if you have seen hangover you know exactly where we standing if not we are in Creasers Palace which is probably one of the more famous places you think about when you picture Vegas. It’s got a lot to offer you may want to give yourself a day or a full night or longer lol I can’t even list all the things they have there is so much. So definitely add this place to your list, another fun place to add to your list is the Venation whether you have been to Venice or not it’s like you are walking the streets I mean it is almost identical. If I go back that is probably where I will stay. We have also stayed at M.G.M Grand hotel yes the green one. Really and truly wherever you go in Vegas its a adventure waiting for you. Another great one, but it needs to defiantly be at night is the Bellagio the fountain show is incredible. I could watch it every night!

Vegas 1Ok one last thing before you end you Vegas trip see a show whatever show you so choose their are so many to choose from. We saw a acrobats Beatles reenactment, it was a fantastic show. But we also thought about the Blue Man Group or Chris Angel whatever you see it will be amazing because everything Vegas style is amazing. No matter what you like to do play the slots the keep the drinks coming. Or explore everything and see so many different places without leaving the hotels. You know you can totally pull a us too, and just do it all. Whatever you do just have fun because hey what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Have fun getting wild and crazy in good ol’ Las Vegas.

Author: kreadykrazytravels

Hey yall! I'm Jen small town girl traveling the big world follow me around the world! For current information on my travels follow me on Instagram at Jenkready7

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