Destination Chicago, Illinois!

Chicago 3

So think Chicago, what do you think pizza or the bean, or are you like me think cold and windy. Ha well yes it’s cold in windy but it’s also a really cool town. We spent all day exploring the town. Went up the Willis tower, and through the zoo which is totally compliantly by the way. We ate some of the best pizza I have ever tasted, and walked all around town. One of the more cooler things is you can buy this pass and you get all around Chicago by bus or subway and its all unlimited so you can go everywhere on your adventure.

Chicago 4

First stop of the day as you can probably guess the bean, located in Millennium, Park. So I know what you are thinking why would I want to see a giant metal bean? Well for one thing the entire sky line reflects off of it, its really cool actually and makes for a great picture. That’s actually why it was made “The Photogenic Diversity” and it hit Chicago like wild fire.

Chicago 2

Our next stop, the Willis Tower. We bought our tickets that day and I’d probably buy them again that day the line moves fairly quick, and its indoors. So no matter the weather you will be warm or cool, but if you like to plan ahead which I’m like bipolar about so days I have to it planned to the last second but other days I’m like ehh whatever we do we will take it by the horns and deal with whatever comes our way. It is essential your choice. Ok back to subject, once you get all the way to the elevator they take up all the way, way, way up and again a line but if your with friends or family try and make friends with the person in front or behind you and see if you can take one another’s photos together so you don’t have to get yelled at for holding up the line. Because people will trust me. The view goes on for miles and it is incredible and yes as you can tell it is all glass but that makes it so much cooler. The only line that does take forever is the line back down so take if from experience take your time.

Our next stop was Chicago Zoo we took the bus too it, It is a long walk to the other side of Chicago. So get this the Zoo is free and they have a lot of cool animals, polar bears, wolves, and one of my personal favorites the house of big cats. Despite the annoying man sitting there agitating the poor leopard. But I’m kind of a zoo nut if I have to time to visit on I will! Thankfully one of my best friends that travels with me feels the same way! I also love aquariums but we will get to that later. I would definitely say if you have time stop at the zoo take a look around you won’t regret it.

Chiacago 1

Our finally stop of the day one of the more popular stops in Chicago, Navy Pier. If you are looking for a fun few hours or all day this place is jam packed with fun. When its warm they have a lovely looking beach, and carnival rides and the pier walkway is a wonderful view of the lake. They also have a large indoor areas with lots of arcade games great for all ages and lots of new memories will be made.

That night we ate at the Rainforest Café one of our favorite places. So if you are animals lovers like us or looking for a wild eating adventure that is the place for you. Sadly the next day was our last day in Chicago but we went and ate some authentic Chicago pizza oh my goodness it was so good I think my mouth is still watering. Try some! No joke the best!

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Adventures are made wondering Chicago.

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