Destination Anguilla!

Angulia 3

The next island I want to tell you about is a extremely small but beautiful island, I had personally never heard of it. But because the extremely unfortunate Hurricane Matthew that hit this island fell into our laps. We sailed in St. Maarten and took a boat over now for all my motion sickness people it is a bumpy ride because you are crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean side. But once you land on this island you will be in heaven tall palm trees all over and the crystal clear water with sun making it glimmer. Now I will tell you there are quite a few goats that live on the island, why I really don’t know but personally I think they are precious.

Angulia 2 Our adventure of the day was swimming in that gorgeous water, with some of Gods amazing creatures dolphins. Now I know what you are thinking if you read my Bahamas post I swam with their too, I’m sorry but they are my favorite sea creature haha but truthfully I was deep sea fishing one time and they came by I literally almost jumped in but that’s not the right thing to do (no matter how much I wanted too) but ok back to what we are talking about here! Yall not even joking the water is so clear that I so many colorful fish while just getting in the water. But if you are clumsy like myself the railings and walk-way is extremely slick so as you can imagine me vs the slick walk-way plus the waves I was all over the place. Quite entertaining really, so I just decided to swim the rest of the way which helped ALOT! Angulia 1

The adventure included a ride from the dolphin hanging on to their fins SO MUCH FUN! Lots of hugs and kisses and you even get to dance with them, they are truly so cute clearly I was overly excited. But see what I mean about that water, now your probably why in the world she babbling on about the water. Well I will tell you why because every SINGLE time I go or me and my friends go family whoever we get asked first question is the water really that clear? Like in the pictures you know? Yes I do know and usually it is but I have been places it has not been (those will be talked about in later posts) anyway you actually get to learn quite a lot about the dolphins. This adventure is worth every second.

Well thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Have fun loving on the dolphins and petting the goats on Anguilla!

Author: kreadykrazytravels

Hey yall! I'm Jen small town girl traveling the big world follow me around the world! For current information on my travels follow me on Instagram at Jenkready7

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