Destination Bahamas, Disney Dream!

bahamas 4

So are you a cruiser? Have you ever been a cruise? Remember how I said we were a Disney family we are also a cruising family, a lot of destinations I visit I arrive via cruise. Cruise’s are a great way of travel you see more places and they have all you can eat food, and the days you are not at port you can relax by the pool, or head to the spa, really any thing you want to do! My niece Sky this was her first cruise now she can’t get enough of them. So if you are thinking cruising with your little ones Disney Cruise line maybe the way to travel. Our destination on this cruise was the Bahamas Nassau Island and Disney’s Cast Away Cay!

bahamas 6Stop number one! We visited Atlantis Resort, it is truly amazing we stayed here quite often when I was child. But soon I realized their was more out there to see then just the clear blue water and palm tree’s not get me wrong if I’m going to pick a view it probably will be some where with palm trees. You feel me? Atlantis is amazing, with the giant water park in the middle of the resort and the dolphin cay by the beach. Now I’m a huge dolphin person I have swam with them multiple times. But this time was extra special you see Sky had never met a dolphin before so we did what they call a encounter. You are in about four feet of water and the dolphin will swim right up you can pet, kiss, hug, and it will do lots of tricks! Very exciting now if you are older and more advanced in swimming then I will recommend what I usually do which is the dolphin swim you get swim with them and they will give you a ride!

bahamas 1The next island adventure we got to embark on was called Cast A Way Cay, as you can tell we loved the Ocean! They have a huge water jungle gym that everyone can swim out to and play or just hang out so that’s where most of our day was spent. A day well spent in our opinion! They also had tons of lounge chairs for everyone to relax, and the warm sandy beaches to play and build sandcastles on. This island literally has something for everyone, and for all you marathon runners they have island runs which I’m not a runner but I would totally do that!

bahamas 3

I haven’t told you the best part this wonderful family became some very close friends during our cruise vacation! They we’re our next door neighbors and ended up becoming and still are some very close friends of ours. That’s another great thing about traveling all the great people you can meet and become friends with! It pays off having friends all over trust me I know! Of course my family says I would talk to a wall if I could which yea, that is pretty much me.

bahamas 5

Now as I have told you before and probably will again, we are a Disney and cruising family. So since we are on a Disney Cruise of course we had to hang with our friends, we got to see Olaf on the beach and sweet Stitch was directing people on and off the cruise. Another cool things was Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Daisy do a welcome aboard show and a good bye show. They also have a great meet and greet with all the characters and the restaurants have the coolest themes.  Disney cruises are a great family vacation

Bahamas 2

Last but certainly not least the last night you get to go this awesome party, it’s like Magic Kingdom fireworks, giant pool party, and pirate themed everything all in one. So you better not miss it, all the characters put on there pirate uniforms they put on a show. It’s a blast! So grab your pirate gear and get to that party!

Thanks for traveling to this party of the map with me. Enjoy sailing the Caribbean like a pirate.





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