Destination Venice, Italy!

Venice 1

My beautiful Venice! Small town big adventures! This town is jam packed of some of the most beautiful scenery, great food, and the I guess the gondola’s are pretty cool. Haha I’m just kidding they are amazing you have to ride at least one time on them. We actually stayed in a hotel on the canal wondrous views it was so cool. You can walk over all and take it all, St. Mark’s Square is one of the famous sites.

Venice 5

Our adventure began with a water taxi ride to our hotel. The city was quitting down when we arrived but man was it beautiful to see the lights reflection in the canal. They don’t have cars in town you walk, water taxi, or the famous gondola rides. They have lots of bridges that stretch over the water and are beautiful to admire. Since we arrived late when we got to the hotel we went to sleep so we begin our next adventure bright and early. When I say a long day I mean a LONG day sadly the day before we left the Brussels was attacked. So our entire flight schedule was turned upside down. We flew from Manchester to Germany then to Switzerland and finally arrived in Venice. Which for future reference inner country flights are very inexpensive and so are trains. But since we only had a limited amount of time we flew from place to place until we got London but that story will come much later.

Venice 3

Remember those bridges I told you about? That is where this gorgeous view came from but as one of my best friends Rachel says (to my right) some pictures don’t do places justice. As we roamed around we learned about the importance of masks in their culture and were able to try some on also we got to eat right by the water and it was so nice outside that we got a nice table in the sunshine and great views of the canals. Now I know what you thinking why on earth is she blabbing about sunshine? Well I’m from the south Tennessee to be exact and yes I’m use to the sun but I quickly discover over there they don’t see the sun all the time like we do. So believe me when I say I will never take advantage of the sunshine again I will not! Ok now back to Venice after roaming the square we visited inside several churches which words do not express the beauty within inside. Venice 4

This picture gives you kind of a better idea of the amazing views we got all day, our next stop was the famous gondola’s!

Venice 6Now before we go further the blue and white boat is a water taxi but clearly you can probably tell the difference between that and the gondola.  But just wanted to clarify so you don’t like myself get confused easily! The gondola ride was like magic sailing in between all the buildings and side canals then we came out into the main grand canal. Which surprisingly felt like floating on the lake they were water taxi’s, boats, and other gondolas making waves but I promise you that man or women will not let you tip no matter how close you feel like you will haha! Or maybe that’s me I slightly panic from time to time hey I’m not perfect! Lol.

Venice 2

From two of my best friends and I thank you for traveling to this part of the map with me! Have so much fun floating around Venice!


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