Destination London, England!

London 3

London! London! London! I love London! Calling all Potter geeks it’s amazing! Ok again getting ahead of myself, when we landed we hit the ground running. We visited so many great places and one of my best friends was the best to show me all over. We started with Buckingham palace, again I envy the Queen her palace is amazing! The London Eye thank you Coke! Fun fact it was only suppose to be there for the new millennium and was so popular they kept it. We also visit Kings Cross Station, and the Tower bridge!

London 6So these are just the gates but this can at least give you some what of a idea of how magnificent palace. Try and watch the guards change it is very exciting, because despite what the movies tell you, you can’t even get close to the guards if certainly don’t mess with them! But hey you have to admit its pretty cool that you can stand at the gates. Or at least I think it is, any way the palace is a must see to add to your list of places to see.

London 4

Next we headed to the amazing London Eye. The views are spectacular from every angle, and for you Potter nerds you can see several movie scenes. We bought our tickets that day and the line wasn’t that long but I would suggest buying them in advance because lines are unpredictable. For all ages it is so much fun! London 5

After that we toured all over town, seeing the Prime Minster’s home and Lancaster square. As you saw earlier M&M world one of fun stops, but we also ate at one of our favorites places TGI Fridays. Being a tourist and sight seeing is a must add on your list, as you can Big Ben one was great photo op. The Prime Minster’s home was so cool to stand next to like I was someone important haha I wish. But lets get real here, Lancaster Square where they debate all the Harry Potter Films. We were in heaven!

London 2

The next day we went to Tower Bridge. It was incredible, and walk on it and over look the channel is it very peaceful! Very cool to walk on we sadly didn’t have time to walk the full length, but you need to at least walk a couple feet down it. Come on now its a adventure waiting to happen! London has this great essence about it that just makes you feel at home, no matter how far you are from home. They are all kind and very helpful even you are clearly, clearly lost they will help if you reach out and ask. Another place you may want to add to your list but we sadly didn’t have time to see but Wes Minster Abby next time in London that will be one of my first stops.

London 1

Our final stop before we caught our train to Scotland was Kings Cross Station. Yes where Platform 9 3/4 is, yes you can go through it pick you house we were Gryffindor’s! My heart was so full I’m sorry I’m a literal Potter geek at heart. So for all you Gryffindor’s, Huffle Puffs, Raven Claws or Slytherin’s make this a stop. So as you can imagine another check on my bucket list, this is one of my most treasured memories.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Have a blast running through walls and touring London.

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