Destination Kirkcudbright- Borgue, Scotland!

The beautiful Scotland. Nothing I saw in this country wasn’t not beautiful it was so amazing I can’t imagine waking up everyday and seeing this country. I was lucky enough to stay in one of my best friends Scotland cottage it was so very lovely. Plus it was located in the cutest town, I would go back tomorrow and I typically don’t say that about places I have already been.

Scotland 1

I mean come on now! Just wondrous in every way. I eventually intend to many more places in Scotland but for now I just have these memories. Now lets get one thing officially straight it is very cold NO MATTER WHAT TIME OF YEAR! Take warm clothing lol as you will see in a later photo I took a rain coat which was not smart because I literally about froze. Also there’s not a whole lot of sunshine but it is worth every second, so upon arriving we walked down to the shore. It was like no beach I have been to before, water was a darker blue and there rocks on shore instead of shells but it was its own kind of beautiful. Scotland 2

Clearly you can tell who was prepared and who wasn’t..haha but back to business, see what I mean about the beach. Isn’t it just beautiful!! That night we sat around and relaxed and drank hot chocolate while the cold whirled outside, I felt a sense of home but home away from home. The next day we woke up and began exploring the town it was a small town but if you have red about me I’m from a small town so this was just fine by me. They had a few small restaurants, and coffee shops but the best we’re the shops  with homemade things which to me are some of the best things in life. I was able to get my Nana this wonderful homemade purse and wallet. She loved it!

Scotland 5

Sadly after we got done in town we headed back to the cottage and I had to come home home I was so very sad. But I considered myself so lucky that I got to see these all these great scenes on the way back. I felt a sense of a new sense of exploration, I had not been to a country that looks like that. It was a different type of beauty that pictures and words don’t describe its like your favorite food sitting there waiting for you to feast but for your eyes instead. Scotland 3

This is the last photo I took before we left Scotland, I know what your thinking another scenery picture but when you get their you see exactly what I saw and felt. So get out their and explore Scotland for the true beauty that lies there waiting to be explored.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me. Get out bed go see Scotland no regrets will ever come.

Author: kreadykrazytravels

Hey yall! I'm Jen small town girl traveling the big world follow me around the world! For current information on my travels follow me on Instagram at Jenkready7

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