Destination Antigua!


We sailed this beautiful island called Antigua anyone been? So anytime I visit somewhere new I like I try a different a experience and so this island has a vast amount of sea life. Clearly as you can see haha my face is because the string ray was getting scared it was not trying to hurt me and I most certainly would never hurt it. We also saw lots and lots of colorful fish, and if interested in doing this you must learn the string ray walk or shuffle rather. That way you can’t spoke them or step on them it’s a great method to help protect these creatures. Now yes this string ray’s had their barbs and I prefer it that way, I am all for adventures but I refuse to harm a animal. Also please wear the correct protective sunscreen that doesn’t harm the ocean or the sea life coral included! This adventure is so worth every second the string rays actually feel like rubber! So grab your snorkel and dive in the crystal blue water!

The island town is so very full of life, they have all sorts of great stores including one of my favorite brands which is called Salt Life. Also they have some great jewelry stores for all you gals that some great jewels at discount prices. Tons of great places to grab a bite or a brew and very easy walks if you sail in like we did! So if these things interest you add this lovely island to your list of places to explore.

Thanks for traveling to this part of the map with me! Hope you love Antigua!

Author: kreadykrazytravels

Hey yall! I'm Jen small town girl traveling the big world follow me around the world! For current information on my travels follow me on Instagram at Jenkready7

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